Sunday, November 25, 2018

Rock And Roll Dance Party 11/26/18

turning blue...

Raydios: Turning Blue (Original Demo Recordings)
Jewws: Punk Rock Girls (Heartbreaker)
Cavemen: Burn Out For Love (Dirty Water)
Control Freaks: Hate List (Dirty Water)
Ruler: It’s Not Saturday Night (Secret Mission/Mangrove)
Sick Thoughts: Chainsaw (s/t)
Fadeaways: I’m Just A Mops (Trans World 60’s Punk Nuggets)

Police: Dead End Job (A&M)
Midnight Snaxxx: Let Me Do What I Want (Bachelor)
Carbonas: She’s A Headache (Your Moral Superiors)
Whiffs: Baby Tonight (Take A Whiff)
Slok: Killer (Holy Motor)
Suburban Homes: Corporate Hijack (EP3)
Bad Sports: Cardboard Suits (Constant Stimulation)
Ty Segal: The Loner (Fudge Sandwich)

Richard & the Young Lions: Hurt By Love (Volume 1)
Uniteds: Lucky End (Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns vol.6)
The Color: Young Miss Larsen Back From The Grave vol.10)
Milkshakes: You Can Only Lose (After School Session)
Wildebeests: BMC (Dimbo Party)
Bo Diddley: You’re Looking Good (Bo Diddley Is A Lover)
King Normals: So Natural (Hillsdale)
Bloodshot Bill & the Hick-Ups: Singing Water Baby Blues (This Is It)
Sonics: Good Golly Miss Molly (Here Are The Sonics)

Paul Collins: Kind Of Girl (Out Of My Head)