Sunday, March 18, 2018

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/18/18

out and down…

Hentchmen: R&R Cancer (Hentch-Forth)
Le Face: Manic Depression (Isolation)
BB Eye: Headcheese Heartthtob (Headcheese Heartthtob)
Straight Arrows: Out And Down (Spacecase)
Trendees: Small Town/Dressing Grown (We Are Sonic Art)
Teengenerate: Dressed In Black (Get Action)
Control Freaks: No Desire (Mindless Entertainment)
Achtungs: I Hate You (Full Of Hate)

Revelators: Don’t Look At Me When I’m Looking At You (We Told You Not To Cross Us)
Hidden Charms: Don’t Hide Your Charms (Square Root Of Love)
Crime: Frustration (Murder By Guitar)
Living Eyes: I Don’t Think For Myself (Modern Living)
Barreracudas: Young And Dumb (Opps Baby)
Les Olivensteins: Euthanasie (s/t)
Suicide Generation: Love Is Hate (1st Suicide)
Amyl & the Sniffers: Pleasure Forever (Giddy Up)
Fadeaways: Long Gone (Episode Sounds)

XL-Fits: Hakata Slasher (Episode Sounds)
Headcoats: Action Time Vision (Elementary Headcoats)
Wild Billy Childish & the CTMF: What About Brian (Brand New Cage)
Choir: David Watts (Artifact)
Jam: I Got By In Time (In The City)
Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Expanding Horizons (Rot)
Atomic Suplex: Who Do You Love (Our Voltage)
Midnight Snaxx: Sad To See You Go (Chew On This)
Scientist: Human Jukebox (A Place Called Bad)

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/10418

damn your fuckin’ world

New Bomb Turks: Youngblood (Damaged Goods)
Oblivians: Static Party (In The Red)
Les Lullies: Bored Sick Done (Slovenly)
Bloodshot Bill: I Got It (Unreleased Home Recordings vol.1)
Rudy Grayzell & his Thunderbirds w/the Sparkles F.B.I Story (Award)
Al Katraz & the Breakouts: Charlie And The Bank Job (Solitary)
Amyl & the Sniffers: Someone Stole My Push Bike (Giddy Up)
Boys Order: Kill Old Self (Do The Wild Cat)
Wild Billy Childish & the CTMF: I’ve Got A Conflicted Mind (Damaged Goods)

Video Duct: Back Potato Prom (Small Pets & Kitchenettes)
Elite: One Potato (Charay)
Devo: I’m A Potato (Hardcore Devo)
Little Walter: Diggin’ My Potatoes (Checker)
Teenage Head: Lucy Potato (s/t)
Erik Nervous: New Potatoes (Teen Distortion Art Junk Music)
Harlequins: Potato Chip (Entrée)
Kenny Lund w/the Rollercoasters: Rip It Up Potato Chip (Holiday Inn)
Dukes Of Hamburg: Mashed Potatoes (Bad Side Of July)

Calamities: The Kids Are Alright (Rodney On The ROQ)
Number Ones: Lie To Me (Another Side Of The…)
Hüsker Dü: Picture Of You (Savage Young Dü)
Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Thing Called Love (Rot)
Suburban Homes: Unemployed (Total Punk)
Proud Scum: Suicide 2 (Ripper)
Electrick Garbage: L’Escargot (Thesaurus 2)
Gutara Kyo: Stop It! (s/t)

Do You Remember… five part documentary on Hüsker Dü by the folks at the Current