Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Rock And Roll Dance Party 01/31/17

Radio Mutation… 1.5 million strong. download

High School Rockers: She Don’t Care (Alien Snatch)
Personal & the Pizzas: Rock And Roll (s/t)
Cramps: Garbage Man (Songs The Lord Taught Us)
Chrome Reverse: Do What? (Kizmiaz)
Fine Lines: Staying The Same (Splittin’ Time)
Darts: I Wanna Get You Off (s/y)
Yum Yums: Let’s Rock And Roll (Whatever Rhymes With Baby)
DD Owen: Degenerate (s/t)

Suburban Homes: Barbie & Ken (…Are Bored)
Autistics: Girls (no label)
Personal & the Pizzas: Brain Damage (s/t)
Andy California: Do What I Want (Black Gladiator)
Meet Your Death: When Fate Deals It’s Mortal Blow (s/t)
Oblivians: Everybody But Me (Best Of The Worst)
Sex Organs: Outer Space (Intergalactic Sex Torrists)
CTMF feat. the Dear Watson Sound: Misty Water (Damaged Goods)

Playboy Manbaby: You Can Be A Fascist Too (Dirty Water)
Drags: Modern Man (Set Right Fit To Blow Up Clean)
Choke Chains: She Collects Calendars (s/t)
Nam Wayne: Feelin’ Fine (no label)
Black Time: Magazines (Walkman Abortions)
Erick Nervous: People Falling Over (Neck Chop)
Woodboot: Avoid Me (Hot Liqs)
Dow Jones & the Industrials: What’s The Difference? Can’t Stand The Midwest 1979-1981)
Cavemen: I Hope They Drop The Bomb Om Me (Born To Hate)

Midnight Mines: Brain Police (If You Can’t Find A Partner…)