Monday, January 9, 2017

Rock And Roll Dance Party 01/09/17

soundtrack to the impending hellscape... download

Erik Nervous: New Potatoes (Neck Chop)
Dream Dates: Heartattack Rhythm (Ugly Pop)
Reacharounds: Rocks Off (Certified PR)
Wolfman Jack & the Wolfpack: Short Fat Fanny (s/t)
Chrome Reverse: Sinner Not A Saint (Bachelor)
Makers: Temper Tantrum (Hunger)
Liquids: Trashcan (Hot Liqs)
Woodboot: I’m Gonna Push You In Front Of A Car (Crime Time)

Jack Ketch & the Crowmwen: Boredom (Brimfull Of Hate)
CTMF feat. the Dear Watson Sound: Headcoatattude (Damaged Goods)
Neon Hearts: She Wants Revenge (She Wants Revenge)
Teengenerate: Teenage Freak (Get More Action)
Terminals: Ritual (Boom Chick)
Invictas: Watusi (You Tore My Brain)
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: I’m A Disaster (s/t)

Black Time: Upsetter (Walkman Abortions)
Midnight Mines: After Dark (If You Can’t Find A Partner…)
Sex Crime: Retarded (Frist LP)
No Bails: Nazi 9-11 (Independent Fries)
Cavemen: Crimes Tonight (s/t)
Prisstines: Teenage Dicks (Girlsville)
Jon & the Vons: In And Out (Greatest Hits vol.1)

Dow Jones & the Industrials: Louie Louie (Can’t Stand The Midwest 1979-1981)