Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Rock And Roll Dance Party 12/20/16

the damaged kind... download

CTMF feat. The Dear Watson Sound: I’m The Damaged Kind (Damaged Goods)
Avengers: American In Me (s/t)
Midnight Mines: Walking Down A Street Called Hate (If You Can’t Find A Partner Use A Wooden Chair)
Liquids: World Of Shit (Hot Liqs)
Monsters: Nothing You Coward (M)
Personal & the Pizzas: Concentration Camp (s/t)
Erik Nervous: I’m A Brick (Neck Chop)
Suburban Homes: I-Phone Suicide (… Are Bored)
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: Obama Is A Cyborg (Red Lounge)
Cavemen: Fucked In The Head (s/t)

Chrome Reverse: Hokey Pokey Rock (Kizmiaz)
A-Bones: Bamboo Rock And Roll (1+2)
Bloodshot Bill: The Wobble (Guitar Boy)
Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers w/Holly Golightly: What Do You Look Like (Voodoo Rhythm)
Bo Diddley: Run Diddley Daddy (… Is Loose)
Buddy Holly: I’m Gonna Love You Too (Purple Chick)
Erik Nervous: Short Attention (Neck Chop)
Black Time: I’m In The Fascist Bathroom (Hate)
Automatics: Danger Signs (Missing Album)
Jon & the Vons: Won’t Be No Next Time (Greatest Hits vol.1)

Gino & the Goons: Hello Josephine (Giveaway)
Kaisers: Don’t Give Me Gravy (In Step With…)
Thor’s Hammer: I Don’t Care (If You Knew)
Los Saicos: Camisa De Fuerza (Wild Teen Punk From Peru)
DD Owen: I’m An Animal (s/t)
Couteau Latex: Morphee (Goner)
Riots: Truncheons, Shields And Size 10 Boots (Copase Disques)

Jam: Town Called Malice (Snap)