Monday, March 14, 2016

Rock And Roll Dancr Party 03/15/16

insidious kind... download

Soda Boys: Doghouse (Total Punk)
Babeez: Dowanna Love (Buttercup)
MOTO: Die Tonight (Motoerectus)
Spastics: I Wanna Be A Cop (Rip Off)
Electric Pencils: Noise Inside Of Me (s/t)
No Bails: It’s Gone (Pick Sides And Chill Vibes)
Useless Eaters: Breathing Smear (Temporary Mutilation)
Decibels: Jackie (GI Productions)

Aerosol Burns: Your Love Is Where I Go (Pogo Time)
Chiefs: Speed Rock (Bachelor Archives)
Wan Buren Wheels: Moody Judy (s/t)
New Piccadillys: Break-A-Way (Introducing The…)
Chrome Reverse: I Can’t Dance (Mag Wheels)
Heirophants: Stress (Parallax Error)
La Flingue: A-N-G-S-T (Piss Tape Zero Quatre K7)
Pnuemonias: Burn Baby Burn (Still Lurkin’)
Teengenerate: Let’s Take Another Booze (Estrus Cocktail Companion)

Mants: Boogaloogaloo (Do The Dummy)
Combomatrix: Take A Ride (Chinese Songs For Bad Boys)
Come n’ Go: We Go On (Tumbling Heights)
Onions: Rocket 707077 (20 Years Of Brad X)
Chainsaw: Kill In The Blanks (Romantik)
CTMF: A Glimpse Of Another Time (Damaged Goods)
Squares: You Ain’t Square (Curse Of The Squares)
Yolks: I Wanna Be Dumb (Randy)
Patsy: Insidious Kind (Total Punk)
Thing: Have You Ever Felt So Alone (s/t)

Mission Of Burma: Nancy Reagan’s Head (The Obliterati)