Monday, December 21, 2015

Rock And Roll Dance Party 12/22/15

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Teenage Head: Ain’t Got No Sense (s/t)
Viletones: Swastika Girl (It’s My Party)
Chrome Reverse: I Can’t Dance (Mag Wheels)
Hipbone Slim & the Crown Toppers: Gotta Be A Goner (The Hair-Raising Sounds Of…)
Kim & Leanne: Hard To Get (True West)
Shades feat. the Knott Sisters: Sun Glasses (REO)
Baby Cortez: You Give Me Heebie Jeebies (Okeh)
Johosaphat Blow: Are You Much In Love (Z-Grade Suck n’ Roll)

Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: I Don’t Wanna Be Dead (Streets Of Rage)
Dials: School Boy (SCRAP!)
Hot Beats: Injun (Rychard)
Intruders: Subterranean Home Sick Blues (Hodad Hootenanny Too!)
Saints: Demolition Girl (Harvest)*
Schund: Schund (Bachelor)
Hierophants: 321 (Parallax Error)
Barreracudas: Cut Me Loose (Can Do Easy)

Hullabaloos: If You Don’t Know By Now (England’s Newest Singing Sensations)
Bonnevilles: You Just Can’t Tell Her (Fleetwood)
Absentees: Tryin’ To Mess With Me (U.G.)
Destination Lonely: Outta My Head (No One Can Save Me)
Pacifics: Say You Love Me (Mistkafer)
Yolks: I Wanna Be Dumb (Randy)
Suburban Homes: Conformity In The UK (Total Punk)
Lumpy & the Dumpers: Flush ‘em (No Friends)
Headcoats: Every Little Thing (The Good Times Are Killing Me)

Cheap Trick: Oh Candy (Epic)

* The Saints "Stranded" documentary