Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/25/15

no one stands me... download

Kim & Leanne: The Science Test (True West)
Hemingers: What Is A Heminger? (Magnetic South)
Barreracudas: Stoned On Love (Can Do Easy)
Le Zets: All I Want Is You (Dead Weight)
Achtungs: Welcome To Hell (Welcome To Hell)
Ramones: Oh Oh I Love Her So (Leave Home)
Charlie & the Hot Wheels: In My Garage (Fat Krab)

A-Bones: Luci Baines (Ears Wide Shut)
Teengenerate: Don’t Leave Me (Get More Action)
Dials: Television Silence (Dialogue)
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: Right Down The Street (Streets Of Rage)
Broken Talent: Nuclear Bombs (Rules No One)
Contingent: Agresseur Du Silence (s/t)
Headcoats: Do Things Right (Hendrix Was Not The Only Musician)
Replacements: Don’t Ask Why (Sorry Ma…)
Redd Kross: I’m Alright (Born Innocent)

Golden Pelicans: Wild Child And The Blue Blazers (Oldest Ride, Longest Line)
Controllers: Jezebel (s/t)
Gants: Road Runner (Road Runner)
Bo Diddley: Huckleberry Bush Hully Hully Gully (Bo Diddley Is An Outlaw)
Sir Bald Diddly & his Right Honorable Big Wigs: Alopecia (Surfin’ With…)
Trashmen: Stick Shift/Wild Cat Loose In Town (Bird Call)
Pacifics: Say You Love Me (Mistafer)
Last Sons Of Krypton: Elvis Was An Alien (split w/the Onions)

Reatards: No One Stands Me (Gorwn Up Fucked Up)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/11/15

grown up wrong... download

Link Wray & the Raymen: Fat Back (Swan)
Vectors: Down Hill (Timp)
Chuck Higgins & his Mellotones: Motorhead Baby (Combo)
Dandervilles: Nasty Breaks (Yakety Wax)
A-Bones: Oh Yeah (Ears Wide Shut)
Tsunamis: Dummy (Saturday Night Sweetheart)
Bloodshot Bill: Big Eyes, Crazy Curls (spit w/ Elvis Pummel)

Ausmuteats: Echo Beach (Hozac)
Baddat For Trubbel: Ingen Ting Dar (Tva Sjundelar Au Et Liv)
Golden Pelicans: Black Mold (Oldest Ride Longest Line)
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: I Don’t Wanna Be Dead (Streets Of Rage)
Johnny Notebook & the Dark Ages: Dark Ages Coming (Start Looting (s/t)
Les Cry Crys: Left Unseen (Dirty Water)
Playmates: She Drives Me Ape (Century/Hodad Hootenanny Too!)
Neil Sedaka: I Go Ape (RCA)
Dukes Of Hamburg: Monkey Monkey (Some Folks)

Dwight Twilly Band: Livin’ In The City (Hozac)
Thing: Johnny Don’t Runaway (s/t)
Pacifics: Girls Girls Girls (Mistafer)
Abjects: Love Hate (Gone)
Achtungs:  Yopu’re Not My Friend (Welcome To Hell)
Wet Blankets: TV Suicide (Rise Of The… )
Reatards: I Want Sex (Grown Up Fucked Up)
Rolling Stones: Grown Up Wrong (12X5)
Bonnevilles: You Just Can’t Tell Her (Fleetwood/Hodad Hottenanny Too!)

Kim & Leanne: Rude Embryos (True West)