Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rock And Roll Dance Party 06/16/15

computer simulation... download’s” Jane In The Jungle (Bomb The Twist)
Busters: Bust Out (Arlen of Philadelphia)
Them: Don’t Look Now (King)
Wet Blankets: Hex In The City (The Rise Of The…)
Ausmuteants: Brown Out (Total Punk)
Wild Raccoon: Fries n’ Chocolate (Mount Break)
Achtungs: I’m Going Mad (Ken Rock)
Contingent: Brutale Aggression (s/t)
Red Stars: Welcome To The Party (Far Out/Destroy All Art)

Coneheads: Way Things Am (LP1)
Car Crash: Execution/I Don’t Care (Mangrove/Secret Mission)
Gaggers: Bad Taste (No Front Teeth)
Flamethrowers: Suzette (Clix/Norton)
GMC & the Arcelles: The Witch (Back From The Grave vol.10)
Sonics: Bad Betty (This Is The Sonics)
Afrika Korps: Jailbait Janet (Music To Kill By)
Bloodshot Bill: Bloodshot (Shook Shake)
King Automatic: Lorraine Exotica (Lorraine Exotica)

Louder: So Lonely (Secret Mission)
Sulphur Lights: Life Stinks (Goodbye Boozy)
Link Wray & his Wraymen: Hidden Charms (Swan)
Royal Playboys: Bring It Back (Do De/Hodad Hootenanny Too!)
Squires: Walkin’ (Going All The Way With…)
Vespers: Girl Girl Girl (Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns vol.4)
Last Sons Of Krypton: Air Raid (Teenage Trash)
Atomic Suplex: Firing Line (Fourteen Inches Of Fist)
Red Red Krovvy: Sick (Helta Skelta)
Giorgio Murderer: Computer Simulation (Goner)

Black Time: Cave Paintings (Aerial Gobs Of Love)