Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rock And Roll Dunce Party 03/31/15

maximum beat... download

Les Crys-Crys: Hot Gully Wind (State)
Los Shakers: Everybody Shake (s/t)
Yardbirds: A Certain Girl (Yardbirds Story)
Shindiggers: Hangin’ It Up (Maximum Beat)
Rainbows: Ju Ju Hand (My Baby Baby Balla Balla)
Scorpions: Who Do You Love (Climbing The Charts)
Rave-Ons: Love Pill (Twin Town)
Fab: Our Little Rendez-vous (Kythera)

Sonics: He’s Waiting (Boom)
Four: 69 (Back From The Grave vol.10)
Paragons: All I Can Do (From Hunger)
Ovations: Pop Me Too (REM)
Big Four: Outta Tune (Moon)
Vectors: Downhill (Timp)
Loving Machines: Loving Machine (Powell)
Last Sons Of Krypton: Watching Television (Teenage Trash)
Dead Drugs: She Do (Manglor)

Jinxes: Oh Yeah! (Manglor)
Loons: Miss Clara Regrets (Dirty Water)
Gutters: 1984 (Eventually)
Armitage Shanks: Neat Neat Neat (Sing And Play 20 Punk Hits From The 70’s)
Subtle Turnhips: Slime (Red Hair With Some)
Victim: Junior Criminals (All Our Dreams Are Gone)
Peripherique Est: Tu Me Fais Peur (Ring Est)
Midnite Snaxxx: Son’t Wake Me Up (Total Punk)
Rezillos: Nearly Human (Zero)

King Khan & BBQ Show: Alone Again (Bad News Boys)