Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/10/15

sleaze, garage and trash... download

Hi Fives: Fujikami The Warrior (Hitt)
Stratacasters: Reelin’ And Rockin’ (Falcon)
B.C. & the Cavemen: As Long As I’m Around (Stone Age)
Colonials: Crawdad (Broadway)
Infinitives: Heidi (Ka Hill)
De Rons: It’s Okey (Cabell)
Playmates: She Drives Me Ape (Century)

Insults: I’m Just A Doper (Last Laugh)
Ex-Cult: Clinical Study (Cigarette Machine)
Fashionism: Breaking Out (Horsehead)
Morons: Fashion Creep (My Ear  Hurts)
Atomic Suplex: Set It On Fire (Fourteen Inches Of Fist)
Quitty & the Don’ts: She’s Gonna Break Your Heart (Hidden Volume)
Royal Coachmen: I Don’t Need You (Lynn)
Four More: Problem Child (Fairchild)
Pastels: Circuit Breaker (Century)
Dead Drugs: Pillow Talk (Manglor)

Urinals: Girl Before (Next Year At Marienbad)
Martin Savage Gang: Can’t Stop (Goodbye Boozy)
Mystery Date: Safety Trigger (New Noir)
Jinxes: Mosquitoes (Manglor)
First Base: Your Love Is Paradise (Horsehead)
CTMF: It’s So Hard To Be Happy (Acorn Man)
Vatican Dagger: The Mess (Total Punk)
Flesh Rag: I Don’t Care (Too Fucked Up)
Los Santos: I Don’t Know Why (Sleaze, Garage And Trash)

Section Urbane: I’d Rather Stay At Home And Watch TV (Shake Music)