Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/03/15

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Fashionism: Smash The State With Your Face (Horsehead)
Atomic Suplex: Wild Love (Fourteen Inches Of Love)
Insults: Stiff Love (Last Laugh)
Mystery Date: Xerox Lovers (New Noir)
Useless Eaters: I Hate The Kids (Singles 2011 – 2014)
Nite Riders: Women And Cadillacs (Apollo)
Irvin ‘Big Boy’ Groves & Band: I Got A New Car (Spark)

Vatican Dagger: Not To Be (Total Punk)
Stovebolts: Drive Lost (Over The Limit)
First Base: Just My Type (Horsehead)
Char-Man: Running Around (Barning The West)
Slow Jerks: Sex Machine Gun (demo)
Morons: Broke And Stupid (My Ear Hurts)
Sick Thoughts: Beat On Beat (Goner)
Louder: More Faster (s/t)
Link Wray: Hidden Charms (Mr. Guitar)
Del Monas: Chains (Dangerous Charms)

Flashlights: Shadows (Secret Mission)
Cramps: Shombalor (Blues Fix)
Chips: Rubber Biscuit (Josie)
Dogmatics: Public Service (1981 –  86)
Midnite Snaxxx: Pull Down The Shades (Total Punk)
Absentees: Tryin’ To Mess With Me (U.G.)
Legendary Wings: Ruin (Do You See)
Smash Up Derby: Loser (Sounds Of Self Defence)
Teenage Chainsaw: Buzz Off (…Is A Buzz Kill)

Red Red Krovey: Don’t Owe You Anything (demo)