Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rock And Roll Dunce Party 02/24/15

do the do... download

Saints: Do The Robot (Harvest)
Bunch: Do The Jump (You Tore My Brain)
Syko & the Caribs: Do The Dog (Tojan)
Pharaohs feat. Ricky: Watusi (Class)
Jehosaphat Blow: Do The Cumquat (Natural Kicks For Hand People)
Jack Gale: The Medicine (Columbia)
Del Gators: Cockroach Crawl (Pound Down)
Freddy Cannon: the Slide (…Steps Out)

Bo Diddley: Doin’ The Crawdaddy (Checker)
Mario Bradley: Cherokee Dance
Mighty Moguls: Let’s Do The Fink Dance (Rompin’ Stompin’ Twistin’)
Revillos: Do The Mutilation (Attack Of The Giant…)
Controllers: Do The Uganda (s/t)
Neatbeats: Do The Global Twist (Mercurial)
Elvis Presley: Do The Clam (Girl Happy)
Howlin’ Wolf: Do The Do (Chess)

Shangri-Las: Sophisticated Boom Boom (Red Bird)
Husker Du: Do The Bee (The Truth Hurts)
Mummies: Doin’ The Kirk (Regal Select)
Beez: Do The Suicide (Edible)
Horribly Wrong: Do The Move (Eradicator)
Gary Lewis & the Playboys: Do The Flake (Liberty)
Herbie Jay: He Won The Purple Heart For Doing The Twist (Mala)
Ronnie Fuller: Do The Dive (Joli)
Radio Birdman: Do The Pop (Radios Appear)

Repercussions: Do The Kenyon (Don’t Fear The…)