Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rock And Roll Dunce Party 02/24/15

do the do... download

Saints: Do The Robot (Harvest)
Bunch: Do The Jump (You Tore My Brain)
Syko & the Caribs: Do The Dog (Tojan)
Pharaohs feat. Ricky: Watusi (Class)
Jehosaphat Blow: Do The Cumquat (Natural Kicks For Hand People)
Jack Gale: The Medicine (Columbia)
Del Gators: Cockroach Crawl (Pound Down)
Freddy Cannon: the Slide (…Steps Out)

Bo Diddley: Doin’ The Crawdaddy (Checker)
Mario Bradley: Cherokee Dance
Mighty Moguls: Let’s Do The Fink Dance (Rompin’ Stompin’ Twistin’)
Revillos: Do The Mutilation (Attack Of The Giant…)
Controllers: Do The Uganda (s/t)
Neatbeats: Do The Global Twist (Mercurial)
Elvis Presley: Do The Clam (Girl Happy)
Howlin’ Wolf: Do The Do (Chess)

Shangri-Las: Sophisticated Boom Boom (Red Bird)
Husker Du: Do The Bee (The Truth Hurts)
Mummies: Doin’ The Kirk (Regal Select)
Beez: Do The Suicide (Edible)
Horribly Wrong: Do The Move (Eradicator)
Gary Lewis & the Playboys: Do The Flake (Liberty)
Herbie Jay: He Won The Purple Heart For Doing The Twist (Mala)
Ronnie Fuller: Do The Dive (Joli)
Radio Birdman: Do The Pop (Radios Appear)

Repercussions: Do The Kenyon (Don’t Fear The…)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Rock And Roll Dance Party 02/17/15

the kind that kills... download

Man… or Astro-Man?: Name Of Numbers (One Louder)
Teen Freak: Teen Freek (s/t)
Legendary Wings: Leaving Home (Do You See?)
Dials: School Girl (Secret Mission/Mangrove)
Statics: Do The Russell Quan (Rat City)
Weirdos: Destroy All Music (Bomp!)
Fe Fi Fo Fums: Fuck New Wave (Shake All Night)
Spiders: You’re My Baby (Some Kinda Nut: Missing Links vol.3)
Pussydogs: I Wanna Be Your Man (Pussydog)

Mighty Lemon Drops: Now She’s Gone (Uptight: The Early Years 1985-1986)
Peripherique Est: L'Herbe Va Te Manger (Ring Est)
Cal & the Calories: Splish Splash (Rat King)
International Q: Small Talk (Queue Music)
Happy Burger: Pizza All Around (Douchemaster)
Del Monas: I’m The One For You (Dangerous Charms)
New Piccadillys: Judy Is A Punk (All Tore Up)
Brad & Jerry: The People Hater (Shad)
Charles Albright: I'm Happy I'm A Genius (no label)

Crime: If Looks Could Kill (Munster)
Morons: Motorbike (Lo Fi Supply)
Wet Meal: Headset (demo)
Teenage Chainsaw: Try Hard (…Is A Buzz Kill)
Howie & the Hot Knives: Hate Your Face (Tough Love)
Pack: Remote Controlled (s/t)
CTMF: Me Or Mine (Acorn Man)
Makers: Kind That Kills (s/t)

Black Time: Flakes (Aerial Gobs Of Love)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rock And Roll Dance Party 02/10/15

mongoloid rock... download

Sniffs: Oh No (A Bad Time)
Unreleaseables: Holes In My Converse (Bat Shit)
Subtle Turnhips: Shame (Red Hair With Some)
Spites: Cheap Beer, Fast Cars And Girls (Rip Off)
Nazi Death Camp: Mongoloid Rock (Red Lounge)
Wet Meal: Nacho Ears (demo)
Dishrags: Tormented (Modern)
Flashlights: Shadows (Secret Mission)
Mantles: Samantha (Extended Dorkouts: Singles And Leftovers)

J. Michael & the Bushmen: I Need Love (Corby)
Buddy Holly: Peggy Sue (Coral)
Peter Kelch & the Pharaohs: Silly Girl (Terra)
Donnas: Drive In (s/t)
Intellectuals: Commando (Black! Domania Now!)
Midnight Mines: Midnight Mine (Mother’s Mod Lament)
Satan’s Rats” Louise (DJM)
Quitty & the Don’ts: She’s Gonna Break Your Heart (Hidden Volume)
RF7: Chainsaw Love Affair (Smoke 7)

Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin: Suffragette City (Castle Face)
Nots: Talk Show (We Are Nots)
Nobody’s Children: Mother’s Tin Moustache (Back From The Grave vol.9)
Dyna-Jets: Whistle Bait (She’s A Magnet)
Cal & the Calories: Plop (Rat King)
Teenage Chainsaw: Yr Dumb (… Is  A Buzz Kill)
Code: Dark/Lights (Secret Mission)

Chain Letters: Bad Reaction (Pogo Time)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Rock And Roll Dance Party 02/03/15

panic attacks... download

Willie & the String Poppers: Oh Baby Baby (The Complete Rockabilly Sessions)
Connie & the Bell Hops: Shot Rod (Damon)
Jimmy Flaherty’s Caravan w/Howie Stange: This Old Bomb Of Mine (Jenn)
Trashwomen: Date’s On Me (Spend The Night With…)
Loafers: Honey Hush (Tear Drop)
Hugh Beaumont Experience: I Wanna Be Used (Virgin Killers)
Flying Over: Sex On Video (Addrenalyn)
Nots: Monochromatic (We Are  Nots)
No Tomorrow Boys: Bubble Gum (Bad Luck Baby Put The Jinx On Me)
Welders: Debutantes In Bondage (BDR)

Black Time: Panic Attacks (Midnight World)
Insults: I’m So Twisted (Insults To Injury)
Cal & the Calories: Pain In My Ass (Total Punk)
Teenage Chainsaw: Backwards Boy (… Is A Buzz Kill)
Nylon: He’s A Tornado (Ride On Rock And Roll)
Spiders: Go Go (Let’s Go Spiders)
Kornerstones: Doing The Rat Fink (E&M)
Howie & the Hot Knives: Young Fun (Tough Love)
Useless Eaters: Fruit Flies (Goodbye Boozy)

CTMF: Curious Filters (Acorn Man)
Crime: Terminal Boredom (Murder By Guitar)
Midnite Snaxxx: Don’t Wake Me Up (Total Punk)
Kids: Radio Radio (Naughty Kids)
Wet Blankets: Dave And Joyce (Goodbye Boozy)
Urban Junior: Reflection (The Truth About Dr. S And Mr. P)
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: Get Out Of My Face (Culture Demanufacturer)
Bad People: Uncle Josh (Mean Talkin’ )
Fang: Drunk And Crazy (Landshark)

Hard Times: Mr. Rolling Stone (Back From The Grave vol.10)