Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Rock And Roll Dance Party 01/20/15

panic action… download

Dyna Jets: Oooee baby (She’s Magnetic)
Night Owls: Stompin’ (Climax)
Dazzlers: Something Baby (Lee)
Howie & the Hot Knives: Round And Round (Tough Love)
Crime: Crime Wave (Murder By Guitar)
Spastics: No I Don’t (Rip Off)
Hubble Bubble: Pogo Pogo (s/t)
Straight Arrows: Can’t Stand It (Rising)
Flying Over: My Girlfriend’s Not 17 (Rockin’ Frenchies)
Wild Billy Chyldish & the Spartan Dreggs: Costal Command (Costal Command)

Kim Fowley: Long Live Rock And Roll (Animal God Of The Streets)
MOTO: Peal Out (Chinese Rocks)
Head: Girl Girl Action (No Hugging, No Learning)
Headcoatees: I’m Happy (Sisters Of Suave)
Wylde Fuzz Show: Thinking (demo)
Quitty & the Don’ts: Running Out Of Time (Hidden Volume)
Shakles: Whizz #7 (Back From The Grave vol.9)
Skip & Johnny: More Marathon (Invicta)
Althea & the Memories: Worst Record Ever Made (Rubbish)

Hollywood Argyles: Allley-Oop (Lute)
Uptones: No More (Lute)
Grains Of Sand: Going Away Baby (Genesis)
CTMF: Punk Rock Enough For Me (Acorn Man)
Sick Thoughts: Terminal Teenage (My Mess, My Life)
Registrators: Panic Action (16 Wires)
Wet Blankets: Rock Bottom (Goodbye Boozy)
Autodramatics: Ben Tipton And The Sonic Smash (Reaction)

Runaways: Cherry Bomb (s/t)