Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rock And Roll Dance Party 01/13/15

instantly delete… download

CTMF: Instantly Delete (Acorn Man)
Insomniacs: Mr. Yesterday (Hidden Volume)
Cramps: Jelly Roll Rock (Blues Fix)
Carl Perkins: Honky Tonk Babe (The Unissued Carl Perkins)
Teddy & the Rough Riders: Tomahawk (Tilt)
Starfires: Linda (GL)
Cosmic Psychos: She’s A Cat (Down On The Farm)
Gino & the Goons: I Don’t (Shake It)

Sorrows: Bad Times (Teenage Heartbreak)
Barreracudas: Young And Dumb (Oops Baby)
Mighty Lemon Drops: There She Goes Again (Uptight: Early Recordings 1985-1986)
Radiators From Space: Enemies (Chiswick)
Pigs: Psychopath (1977)
Louder: Prank (a/t)
Armitage Shanks: Thank You (Little Teddy)
Ambient Noise: I Was At The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Glimm)

Remains: All Day And All Of The Night (A Session With…)
Lord Charles:  & the Prophets: Don’t Ask Me Know Questions (Back From The Grave vol.9)
Retros: All Talk And No Action (Inner City Rock)
Dream Dates: The Mess You’re In (Ugly Pop)
Cafeteria Dance Fever: Sardinian DDD (Hovercraft)
Loli & the Chones: Gonna Flip Out (P.S. We Hate You)
Nots: Decadence (We Are Nots)
Quitty & the Don’ts: She’s Gonna Break Your Heart (Hidden Volume)
John English III & the Heathens: I Need You Near (Back From The Grave vol.10)
Raveins: The Edge Of Time (Back From The Grave vol.9)

Wild Billy Chyldish & the Spartan Dreggs: Radio Dreggs (Costal Command)