Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 12/02/14

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Prostitutes:  1.2.3.Go! (Black Hole)
Dead Farmers: Run (Go Home)
Crime: Hot Wire My Heart (Murder By Guitar)
Lulu’s Marble: Girl Give Me Love (Afro Girl)
Stalin Video: Uniform (No Front Teeth)
Suburban Homes: Pseudo-Intellectuals (Market Square)
German SS: Hollow (Kryptonite)
Dean Carter: I Got A Girl (Call Of The Wild)
Golden Pelicans: Turquoise And Silver (New Jersey (s/t)

Splash Four: So Confused (Kicks In Style)
Playmobils: Don’t Need Nobody (International Lifestyle)
Girls On The Beach: Jean Jacket Blues (s/t)
Benny Joy: Talkin’ About It (Rollin’ To The Juke Box Rock)
Astryd Lindgrin’s Great 5: True Love (Ken Rock)
Wildebeests: I Did You No Wrong (Annie Get Your Gnu)
RAF: Come On (Come On!)
Rev. Norb & the Onions: Bore Me (s/t)
Subtle Turnhips: Digit (Red Hair With Some)
Black Time: Secrets (Trakmarx)

Reaction: Talk Talk Talk (Talk Talk: Rare)
Sick Thoughts: I Ain’t Done With You (Fat Kid With A 10”)
Oblivians: King Louie Stomp (Hate)
MOTO: Shitty Kids (Chinese Rocks)
Morons: Motor Bike (Lo-Fi Supply)
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: Tough Shit (Culture Demanufacturer)
Pookie & the Poodles: Dry Bone Twist (Jonny Cat)
Blind Shake: Young Carnival Waste (Breakfast Of Failures)
Cramps: New Kind Of Kick (Bad Music For Bad People)

Urban Junior: Vielen Dank And Auf Wiedersehen (The Truth About Dr. S And Mr. P)