Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 11/25/14

salvje… download

Rays: Tippity Top (Chess)
Rackets: My Soul (Austoton)
Gino & the Goons: Baby Doll (Shake It)
Urban Junior: Backdoor Boogie (The Truth About Br. S And Mr. P.)
Achtungs: You’re Worthless (Full Of Hate)
Mants: Destroyed By Fuzz (Manglor)
So Cow: Turning Into You (The Long Con)
Los Saicos: Salvje (Wild Teen Punk From Peru)
Sick Thoughts: I Didn’t Know (Going Underground)

Batman & Garagekid: I’m Not A Monkey (I’m A Bat) But, I Like Bananas Too (Bachelor)
Outdoorsmen: I Got A Temper (Shit Will Happen If You Use Your Stupid Brain)
Ivy Green: Sue (s/t)
Ulsers: I’m An Italian (EMI/Wallaby Beat)
Hondells: Hondell’s Stomp (You’re Gonna Ride With Us)
Hipbone Slim & the Knee Trembers: Why Ain’t Bo On My TV? (Square Guitar)
Rolling Stones: Come On (Decca)
MOTO: I Would If I Could But I Can’t So I Won’t (Chinese Rocks)
Blind Shake: Parachute (Breakfast Of Failures)

Cuntz: Cheen (Total Punk)
Boys Order: Tomorrow Dancing (Secret Mission)
Ausmuteants: Fed Through A Tube (Total Punk)
Mighty Caesars: Young Man Afraid Of His Horse (Beware The Ides Of March)
Teenanger: Sky Saxxon (EPLP)
Lumpy & the Dumpers: Too Much Slime (Muckraker)
Useless Eaters: Out In The Night (Bleeding Moon)
Manateees: Obsession (Sit n Spin)
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: You Better Stay Away (Culture Demanufacturer)

Knots: Action (Ideal)