Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 11/04/14

too uptight… download

Batman & Garagekid: Oh Baby Please, Please Tell Me That You Are A Thief (Bachelor)
Frank Holly & the Fullertones: Keep Flippin’ (Too Many Burgers)
Gino & the Goons: Who Cares? (Shake It)
Rangers: Reputation (Challenge)
Masters Apprentices: Dear Dad (Complete Recordings 1965-1968)
Chuck Berry: Jaguar And The Thunderbird (Chess)
Milkshakes: She Tells Me She Loves Me (Milkshakes Revenge)
Bloodshot Bill: 126 Girls (Dig It Up!)
Cramps: Garbage Man (Songs The Lord Might Have Taught Us)

Sick Thoughts: Try No To (Fat Kid With A 10”)
Useless Eaters: Sitting On The Fault Line (Bleeding Moon)
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: Butthole Bots (Culture Demanufacturer)
Primitive Hearts: Last Chance (Johnny Cat)
Fallen Angels: So Young, So Fine (Tollie)
Ausmuteants: Looney Bin (Order Of Operation)
Mosquito Ego: Too Uptight (Chu Chu)
Vexx: Roky, Take Me Home (s/t)
Crime: Terminal Boredom (Murder By Guitar)
Rip Offs: Do The Uganda (Wallabies)

Teenanger: Fly On The Wall (EP LP)
Sluts: Nuke The Whales (12” Of  Sluts)
Mummies: Your Love (Never Been Caught)
Gutters: Sixties (Eventually)
Tee Pees: Strike You Down (s/t)
Shall I Say Quois feat CTMF: It’s Hard To Be Happy (Shall I Say Quoi?)
Chemicals: Out Of My Mind (Underground Songs/Meanbean)
X: Slash Your Wrists (X-Spurts)
Midnite Snaxxx: Don’t Wake Me Up (Total Punk)

Manateees: Hot n Sour Soup (Sit n Spin)