Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 10/07/14

i am the anti-climax… download

Mobbs: I Am The Anti Climax (Garage Punk For Boys)
Suburban Homes: Suburban Home (Market Square)
Olivensteins: Je Suis Negatif (s/t)
Spaceshits: C’mon Let’s Suicide (Misbehavin’)
Slobs: She’s A Disease (Down The Tubes)
Lumpy & the Dumpers: I Was A Teenage Bozo (Collection)
Gutters: Brains (Eventually)
Mighty Fevers: Sick On You (Fuckin’ Great RNR)

Gorilla: Mary Anne (Three Dimensional)
Table: Sex Cells (Chiswick)
Alright Alreadys: Deep End (Priority Male)
Fang: I Wanna Be On TV (Where The Wild Things Are)
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: I’m A Genius (s/t)
Photobooth: Boston Strangler (Raw Deluxe)
Mants: Lie Detector (Manglor)
Buff Medways: Barbara Wire (1914)
Bo Diddley: Who Do You Love (Checker)
Bloodshot Bill: Bad Baby (Dig It Up!)

Armitage Shanks: Pop Klub Scum (Taking The Piss)
Crime: Baby You’re So Repulsive (Murder By Guitar)
Unfuckable: Complicated Meditation Class (Aarght!)
Straight Arrows: Petrified (Rising)
Sluts: One Chord City (12” Of Sluts)
Pram Bath: How Much More (Sweet And Hot)
Redd Kross: Switchblade Sister (2500 Redd Kross Fans Can’t Be Wrong)
So Cow: Say Hello (The Long Con)

Hygiene: Things To Do (Public Sector)