Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/30/14

me against the world… download

Champs: Drag Strip
Little Sammy Jones & the Eldorados: Doing the Roach (Lifetime)
Rhythm Surfers: 502 (Daytone)
John Schooley: Look Out Mabel (The Man Who Rode The Mule Around The World)
A-Cads: Roadrunner (RCA Victor)
Beep Beep & the Roadrunners: True Love Knows (Vincent)
Scrotum Poles: Radio Tay (Onetone)
Gutters: From The Heart (Eventually)
Sick Thoughts: Remember (Going Underground)

Mix: Break Up Shake Up (Zoinks)
Mants: Gimme Gimme Gimme (Manglor)
Ausmuteants: Ausmuteants (Split Personalities)
Crime: Crime Wave (Murder By Guitar)
Buck Biloxi: I Ruined My Life (Me Against The World)
Ramma Lamma: Ice Cream (Ice Cream)
Youth: Girls Like You (Nothing But…)
So Cow: To Be Confirmed (The Long Con)

Bo Diddley: Doing The Jaguar (Bo Diddley Is A Twister)
P.F. Commando: Johnny Bugger (Manipulerade Mongon)
Ivy Green: Sex On The Radio (s/t)
Cozy: Darlin’ Darlin’ (Button By Button)
Golden Pelicans: Two Feathers (s/t)
Johnny Powers: Mean Mistreater (Long Blond Hair)
Sabres w/Louis Gittens: Puppet (Kat)
Blue Crystals: Be-Bop-A-Lula (Courrier)

Vince Taylor & his Playboys: Brand New Cadillac (Parlophone)