Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/09/14

destroyed by fuzz… download

Riff Raff: Cosmonaut (Chiswick)
Crime: Terminal Boredom (Murder By Guitar)
Conmen: Nothing To Do (Too Tough To Die)
Cozy: After School Escapade (Button By Button)
Youth: Come On (Dirty Water)
Death Dealers: Do The Dog (Mr. Pan)
Wet Blankets: TV Suicide (Goodbye Boozy)
Mants: Destroyed By Fuzz (Manglor)

Straight Arrows: Rotten Teeth (Rising)
Flackoff: Montague The Farmer (Sofa)
Los Pepes: Dressed Down (No Front Teeth)
Golden Pelicans: Hard To Swallow (s/t)
Splash Four: Bunker (Kicks In Style)
Giorgio Murderer: Nobody Likes You (Goner)
Angry Samoans: Hazman’s Brain Calling (Back From Samoa)
Smuts: She Gets Me Hot (Certified PR)
Flying Over: I Don’t Wanna (No One Here Get’s Out Alive)
Tee Pees: Chicken Necks (s/t)

P.F. Commando: Rough Sound (Comm/Ugly Pop)
Wet: Bad Habit (Tall Pat)
Teamsters: Girl How Could Ya (Moody Monkey)
Mummies: Down Home Girl (Runnin On Empty vol.2)
Shall I Say Quois: Oh Mein Gott Badder Meinhoff (Shall I Say Quoi?)
Video: Cult Of Video (No Good)
Ausmuteants: Small Talk (Split Personalities)
Crime: Frustration (Murder By Guitar)

Next: Mr. Wonderful (Sharp/Cheap Rewards)