Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/30/14

me against the world… download

Champs: Drag Strip
Little Sammy Jones & the Eldorados: Doing the Roach (Lifetime)
Rhythm Surfers: 502 (Daytone)
John Schooley: Look Out Mabel (The Man Who Rode The Mule Around The World)
A-Cads: Roadrunner (RCA Victor)
Beep Beep & the Roadrunners: True Love Knows (Vincent)
Scrotum Poles: Radio Tay (Onetone)
Gutters: From The Heart (Eventually)
Sick Thoughts: Remember (Going Underground)

Mix: Break Up Shake Up (Zoinks)
Mants: Gimme Gimme Gimme (Manglor)
Ausmuteants: Ausmuteants (Split Personalities)
Crime: Crime Wave (Murder By Guitar)
Buck Biloxi: I Ruined My Life (Me Against The World)
Ramma Lamma: Ice Cream (Ice Cream)
Youth: Girls Like You (Nothing But…)
So Cow: To Be Confirmed (The Long Con)

Bo Diddley: Doing The Jaguar (Bo Diddley Is A Twister)
P.F. Commando: Johnny Bugger (Manipulerade Mongon)
Ivy Green: Sex On The Radio (s/t)
Cozy: Darlin’ Darlin’ (Button By Button)
Golden Pelicans: Two Feathers (s/t)
Johnny Powers: Mean Mistreater (Long Blond Hair)
Sabres w/Louis Gittens: Puppet (Kat)
Blue Crystals: Be-Bop-A-Lula (Courrier)

Vince Taylor & his Playboys: Brand New Cadillac (Parlophone)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/23/14

bug out… download

Rivingtons: Papa Om Mow Mow (Liberty)
Linda Lane & the Sinners: Low Grades And High Fever Tower)
Bobby Fuller Four: Annie Lou (Mustang)]
So Cow: Turning Into You (The Long Con)
Girls On The Beach: Way She Walks (s/t)
Hard-Ons: Something I Don’t Want To Do (Yummy)
Riff Randells: Psycho Boyfriend (Lethal Lipgloss)
Straight Arrows: Don’t Call My Name (Rising)
Tonto & the Renegades: Little Boy Blue (Sound Of The Sceen)

Gutters: Shank ‘em (Eventually)
Sluts: Fuck You (12” Of Sluts)
Kneejerk Reactions: Habanero (The Indestructible Sounds Of…)
Trashmen w/Deke Dickerson: Wild Child (Bringing Back The Trash)
Tee Pees: Frustration (s/t)
Lookbacks: So Far Away (???)
Tsunamis: Psycho (Magnetic South)
Delmonas: Dr. Goldfoot And His Bikini Machine (Delmonas 5!)
Sick Thoughts: You Know I Got It (Can’t Stand Ya)

Games: Little Elise (Hozac)
No Talents: I’m Not A Fucker (Borken)
Wax Museums: X-Ray My Brain (Rehab)
Four Slicks: Long Ponytail (Four On The Floor)
Bloodshot Bill & the Hubcaps: I Want You (Crazy Fever)
Scotty Baker w/the Starliners: Doggone Done It (I’m Calling It)
Cramps: Inside Out And Upside Down With You (Flame Job)
P.F. Commando: Svenne Pop (Manipuleeade Mongon)

Mants: Bug Out (Manglor)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/16/14

hate so hard… download

Crime: If Looks Could Kill (Murder By Guitar)
P.F. Commando: Failed Abortion (Manipulerade Mongon)
Gutters: 1984 (Eventually)
Mike Rep & the Quotas: Mama Was A Schizo (Hozac)
Number Ones: Sharon Shouldn’t (s/t)
Tranzmitors: It’s Not Your Call (Dirtnap)
Ar-Kaics: You’ll Be Mine (Whay Should I?)
Girls On The Beach: Fashionably Late (demo)
Supercharger: The Day My Body Vaporized (s/t)

Teengenerate: Get Me Back (Wallabies)
Cozy: Button By Button (Button By Button)
Golden Pelicans: Chad And Stacie (s/t)
Achtungs: I Hate You (Full Of Hate)
X: You Don’t Like Me (X-Spurts)
Wet: Miss You (Tall Pat)
Kill-A-Watts: Shopping Mall Moron (Electro Rock)
Rip Offs: Wild Jane (Rip Off)
Gino & the Goons: _ _ _ _ Tamed (s/t)

Hard-Ons: Hate So Hard (Yummy)
Straight Arrows: Can’t Stand It (Rising)
Jet Boys: Johnny Was So Cool (Vinyl Japan)
Heartbreakers: Get Off The Phone (L.A.M.F.)
Sellwoods: Palm Reader (no label)
Jackie & the Cedrics: Pharaoh A Go Go (Turban Renewal)
Hank Wood & the Hammerheads: Shook And Hungry (Stay Home)
Krunchies: Reaffirming My Hatred Of Humanity Through Failed Relationships (In De Winkel)
Way To Go Genius: Hipster No. 1 (no label)
Gutters: Finally Gone (Eventually)

OBN III’s: No Time For The Blues (Third Time To Harm)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/09/14

destroyed by fuzz… download

Riff Raff: Cosmonaut (Chiswick)
Crime: Terminal Boredom (Murder By Guitar)
Conmen: Nothing To Do (Too Tough To Die)
Cozy: After School Escapade (Button By Button)
Youth: Come On (Dirty Water)
Death Dealers: Do The Dog (Mr. Pan)
Wet Blankets: TV Suicide (Goodbye Boozy)
Mants: Destroyed By Fuzz (Manglor)

Straight Arrows: Rotten Teeth (Rising)
Flackoff: Montague The Farmer (Sofa)
Los Pepes: Dressed Down (No Front Teeth)
Golden Pelicans: Hard To Swallow (s/t)
Splash Four: Bunker (Kicks In Style)
Giorgio Murderer: Nobody Likes You (Goner)
Angry Samoans: Hazman’s Brain Calling (Back From Samoa)
Smuts: She Gets Me Hot (Certified PR)
Flying Over: I Don’t Wanna (No One Here Get’s Out Alive)
Tee Pees: Chicken Necks (s/t)

P.F. Commando: Rough Sound (Comm/Ugly Pop)
Wet: Bad Habit (Tall Pat)
Teamsters: Girl How Could Ya (Moody Monkey)
Mummies: Down Home Girl (Runnin On Empty vol.2)
Shall I Say Quois: Oh Mein Gott Badder Meinhoff (Shall I Say Quoi?)
Video: Cult Of Video (No Good)
Ausmuteants: Small Talk (Split Personalities)
Crime: Frustration (Murder By Guitar)

Next: Mr. Wonderful (Sharp/Cheap Rewards)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/02/14

i make me sick… download

Shondells: Something’s Got A Hold On Me (Ikon)
Scotty Baker w/the Starliners: Knockout (I’m Calling It)
Satellites: Satellite Bop (The Space Sessions)
Side-Wynders: California Boogie (Rocmpin’ And Stompin’ With…)
Esquerita: Good Golly Annie Mae (Believe Me When I Say Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay)
Cal & the Calories: PHD (Lumpy)
P.I.G.Z.: Bloody Belgium (JW’s/Ugly Pop)
Con Men: I Make Me Sick (Too Tough To Dance ep)

Enemies: Test Tube Baby (Bloodstains Across Buffalo)
Golden Pelicans: White On A Friday Night (s/t)
No Alternative: Rockabilly Rumble (Subterranean)
Arrogants: Mr. Devil (Dirty Water)
Tee Pees: Strike Me Down (s/t)
Ricky C Quartet: The Quartet (s/t)
Achtungs: I’m Not The One (Full Of Hate)
Shanghais: Sick Of You (Surfin’ki)
Useless Eaters: I Think She Wants To Find Out (Slovenly)

Girls On The Beach: Kit Kat Girl (s/t)
Sick Thoughts: Coming Over (Going Underground)
Primetime: Tied Down (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Mujeres: Salvaje (USA Tape)
Ramma Lamma: Buzzkill (Ice Cream)
Flesh Panthers: Charged Hair (Tal Pat)
Lumpy & the Dumpers: X-Rod (Total Punk)
I Get Mynze: Stuff (Pelican Pow Wow)
Dottie Attie: He’s A Rock And Roller Now (Valentine Tape)
Personal & the Pizzas: Don’t Trust No Party Boy (Trouble In Mind)

Cyclops: Eyeball/Lost Eye (Surfin’ki)