Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/26/14

rattle my brain… download

Ramma Lamma : Street Trash (Ice Cream)
Rousers: Magazine Girl (Ariola)
Replacements: Staples In Her Stomach (Stink)
Golden Pelicans: Pissin’ In A Puddle Of Puke (s/t)
P.F. Commando: I’m Innocent (Manipulerade Mongon)
Teenheat: Move Your Body Angeline (Everybody Move!)
Bloodshot Bill: Rattle My Brain (Transistor 66)
Buddy & Bob: Down The Line (demo)

Rudy Green: Teeny Weeny Baby (Excello)
Jades: Surfin’ Crow (Oxboro)
Happy Hate Me Nots: Resistance (Waterfront)
Achtungs: Full Of Hate (Total Punk)
Muffs: Take A Take A Me (Whoop Dee Doo)
Dutch Masters: 8 Ball Deluxe (All In The Wires)
Statics: Pinball Junkies (Pinball Junkies)
Hank Wood & the Hammerheads: These Chains (Stay Home)

Delmonas: That Boy Of Mine (s/t)
Kaisers: You’re Just Too Smart For Me (Wishing Street)
Squares: I Got More Hate (…In Squarification)
Larry & the Blue Notes: In And Out (Charay)
Tee Pees: Wanna See You (s/t)
Juanita y los Fios: Revolucion Canibal (Nueva Numancia)
Lip Service: The TV Made Me Do It (Bloodstains Across Buffalo)
Flesh Panthers: Greg Ginn’s Cats! (Tall Pat)

Black Time: Ma Solitude Et Moi (Hate)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/19/14

bored, bored, bored… download

Mystics: Snoopy (Black Cat)
Scrams: Flea Market Rock (Scram)
Cobras: One Way Street (Bloodstains Across Buffalo)
P.F. Commando: Get Fucked (Mainpulerade Mongon)
Useless Eaters: Linear Movement (Goodbye Boozy)
Tee Pees: Indian Bingo (s/)
Final Solutions: Rubber Stamp Test (Songs By Solutions)
Scavengers: Glad All Over (s/t)
Fems: Going To A Party (Drag City)

Number Ones: Boy (s/t)
Achtungs: City Of Dicks (Full Of Hate)
Squares: Wanna Be (Pure And Filthy Rhythm n’ Punk)
Delmonas: Why Don’t You Smile Now (Delmonas 5!)
Kneejerk Reactions: Houdini (The Indestructible Sounds Of…)
Viletones: Rebel (Vile)
White Pages: Pill Popper (Can’t Stand Ya)
Ramma Lamma: Showstopper (Ice Cream)
P.I.G.Z.: Stooges (JW’s/Ugly Pop)
Jumpers: This Is It (Bloodstains Across Buffalo)

Loli & the Chones: Bored Bored Bored (P.S. We Hate You)
Nazi Death Camp: It’s War Time, Baby (Red Lounge)
Gaggers: You Make Me Itch (Blame You)
Flesh Panthers: Nice Things (Tall Pat)
Nervous Tics: Mission Creep (Appalachian Hunger)
La Flingue: Pop Fracture (Discografia)
About Blanks: Ignore This Product (Ignore This Product)
Micky Mamp w/the Intro-Verse: Please Police Me (Bloodstains Across Buffalo)
Sonics: Shot Down (Here Are The…)

Teengenerate: Stab My Mind (Lance Rock)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/12/14

rebel kind… download

Brian Setzer: Let’s Shake (Rockabilly Riot!)
Kneejerk Reactions: Mover And A Shaker (The Indestructible Sounds Of…)
Georgio Murderer: Crust Nest (Goner)
Number Ones: Sixteen (s/t)
Larry Bright: Twinkie-Lee (Rendezvous)
Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps: Jumps, Giggles And Shouts (Bluejean Bop)
Achtungs: 20 Years (Full Of Hate)
The Next: Monotony (Sharp/Cheap Rewards)

Muffs: Because You’re Sad (Whoop Dee Doo)
Tee Pees: Scaredy Cat (s/t)
Mummies: Babba Diddy Baby (Runnin’ On Empty vol.2)
Morons: I Like Pizza M ore Than Girls (Lo-Fi Supply)
Cyclops: Eye Don’t Know (Escape From Cyclops Island)
Cigarettes: They’re Back Again, Here They Come (Company/Paramecium)
Dishrags: Rebel Kind (Three)
Sellwoods: Palm Reader (no label)
Dials: Nervous (Secret Mission/Mangrove)

Flying Over: She’s Alone (We Are Outsiders)
Teengenerate: Grown Up Wrong (Get More Action)
Sick Thoughts: Always Right (Mess My Life)
Alternative TV: Action Time Vision (Deptford Fun City)
Ivy: Goys Gotta Go/20’ Oh’s Willie 1.0 (s/t)
Gaggers: Raw Nerves (Blame You)
Buck Biloxi: Earth Sucks (Me Against The World)
Electric Eels: Spliterty Splatter (Hozac)
Pagans: Haven’t Got The Time (What’s This Shit 1977/1979)

Hank Wood & the Hammerheads: What’s So Bad About A Bad Idea (Stay Home)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/05/14

car crash… download

Sellwoods: Devil’s Dagger (no label)
Trashmen w/Deke Dickerson: Flippin’ The Bird (Bringing Back The Trash)
Tee Pees: She Don’t Want You Anymore (s/t)
Useless Eaters: Dungeon (Slovenly)
Morons: Motor Bike (Lo-Fi Supply)
Harold Shutters: & his Rocats: Bunny Honey (Goldenrod)
Ding Dongs: Stammer And Sin (Rang Tang Ding Dong)
Harry Carter, the Rock Ad Roll Apache w/the Dixie Rhythm-Aires: Jump Baby Jump (Mar-Vel’)
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins: Armpit #6 (Red Top)

Achtungs: You Don’t Know (Full Of Hate)
Son Of A Gun: Same Old Things (Lo-Fi Supply)
Secret Prostitutes: Tak Berati (Torture Garden)
Yolks: I’m Going Down (Kings Of Awesome)
Muffs: Where Did I Go Wrong (Whoop Dee Doo)
Flying Over: Sex On Video (No One Here Gets Out Alive)
The Wet: Let’s Get Wet (Tall Pat)
Gaggers: Turn Me On (Baby You Don’t) (Blame You)
Liverpool Lads: Liverpool Lil (Lloyds R.E.M.C. LTD)
Dutch Masters: Can’t Find Pleasure (All In The Wires)

Ausmuteants: Morse Code (Split Personalities)
Gimmes: Kids And Neighbors (Modernist/Mangrove)
Carbonas: Hate You (s/t)
Shanghais: Tender Teens (Surfin’ki)
Tsunamis: Down At The Swamp (Magnetic South)
Hemingers: Ba-Ba Ra-Ra Cuckoo Da-Da (Jukebox)
Life Stinks: Sweep It Under The Rug (Total Punk)
Avengers: Car Crash (Dangerhouse)

Los Pepes: Unknown (Wanda)