Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rock And Roll Dunce Party 07/08/14

monotony… download

I Get Mynze: Stuff (Pelican Pow Wow/Red Lounge)
Supercharger: All About Judy (s/t)
Buck Biloxi: I Ruined My Life (Me Against The World)
Lumpy & the Dumpers: Bat (Total Punk)
Electric Eels: Splitery Splat (Hozac)
Ar-Kaics: Sick And Tired (Hidden Volume)
The Wet: Let’s Get Wet (Tall Pat)
Ausmuteants: Ausmuteant (Split Personalities)
The Next: Monotony (Sharp/Cheap Rewards)

Ricky C Quartet: TNT Girl (s/t)
Insults: Population Zero (Ric-Mar/Last Laugh)’s: 19th Nervous Breakdown (Norton)
Happy Times: Herr Wriggler (Swashbuckling Hobo)
Planet Of The Tapes: Black Cat (Stink Magnet)
Boars: Two Tears (Theodore)
Cheater Slicks: Rum Drunk (Destination Lonely)
Teengenerate: Stink (Get More Action)

Martin Savage Gang: Hole In My Heart (Blahll!)
Strange Attractor: Barely Doin’ Crime (Mammoth Cave)
Dishrags: High Society Snob (Three)
Dials: Nervous (Secret Mission/Mangrove)
Dutch Masters: Dead To You (All In The Wires)
Gaggers: You Make Me Itch (Blame You)
Pizzoar: Ar 3000 (Massproduction/Ken Rock)
Shapes: College Girls (Sofa/Paramecium)
Achtungs: I Don’t Want To Talk About It (Total Punk)
Screaming Sneakers: Violent Days (Marching Orders)

Deluxin’: Sick Lick (Hag Bloom)