Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/15/14

bored stiff… download

Ramones: Commando (Leave Home)
Jack Ruby: Bored Stiff (s/t)
Sick Thoughts: Not Sorry (Goodbye Boozy)
Giorgio Murderer: Nobody Likes You (Goner)
Ausmuteants: Dying From The Inside (Easter Bilby)
The Next: Mr. Wonderful (Sharp/Cheap Rewards)
The Wet: Bad Habit (Tall Pat)
Shanghais: Sick Of You (Surfin’Ki)
Gaggers: I’m A Tumor (Blame You)

Los Pepes: Too Late Too Late (Wanda)
Muzzlers: Wash Your Hands (Wash Your Hands With…)
Cyclops: Cyclops/Mind’s Eye (Escape From Cyclops Island)
Dutch Masters: I Want Your Name, I Want Your Number (All In The Wires)
Cigarettes: Looking At You (Will Damage Your Helath)
I Get Mynze: I Tunes (Pelican Pow Wow/Red Lounge)
Planet Of The Tapes: Limbo (Stink Magnet)
Mummies: The Thing From Venus (Fuck CD’s, It’s The Mummies)
Personal & the Pizzas: $7.99 For Love (Raw Pie)
No Bails: Party Fail (Epyx Shedder)

Trashmen w/Deke Dickerson: Bucket T (Bringing Back The Trash)
Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: Show Me (The Out Of This World Sounds Of…)
Kneejerk Reactions: Batgirl, I Love You (The Indestructible Sounds Of…)
Invisible Burgundy Bullfrog: Batman Rides Again (Panther)
X: Batman (X-Asperations)
Mighty Fevers: High School Riot (Fuckin’ Great Rock And Roll)
Dishrags: Just Another Girl (Three)

Ramones: Carbona Not Glue (Leave Home)

R.I.P. Tommy Ramone