Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 06/10/14

systematic fuck... download

Deke Dickerson w/the Trashmen: Flippin’ The Bird (Bringing Back The Trash)
Achtungs: I Don’t Want To Talk About It (Total Punk)
No Bails: Don’t Even Try (Epyx Shredder)
Screaming Sneakers: Violent Days (Marching Orders)
Los Bretones: Jeckyll y Hyde (La Maqueta)
Total Control: Systematic Fuck (Typical System)
Spencey Dude: Don’t Get Caught Up (Unreleaseable Bedroom Demos 2007-2009)
Rhythm Bound: Sure Do It Good (demo)
Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: Eating Up The Road (Ghost Highway)

Buzzcocks: Disappointment (The Way)
Cheater Slicks: Hear What I Say (Destination Lonely)
Gestapo Khazi: Open House (The Jewel Of The Land)
Shanghais: Don’t Wanna Be In Love (No Rules!)
‘O’ Level: East Sheen Revisited (Pseudo Punk)
Dinos Boys: Kid You Hate (Last Ones)
Parasites: Love Me Too (Shredder)
The Ace: I’m Leaving You (demo)

Deke Dickerson w/the Trashmen: Land O’ Lakes (Bringing Back The Trash)
Jerry & the Del-Rays: Question Mark (Norton)
Gants: I’m A Snake (Roadrunner!)
Teamsters: Don’t Come Back Home (Moody Monkey)
Chartbusters: Why (Doncha Be My Girl) (Mutual)
Pussy Cats: Silver Jet (Rock On!)
Shall I Say Quois feat. CTMF: Shall I Say Quoi (Shall I Say Quoi?)
Ama Dots: Hit Girls (Hunky/Rerun)

Mystery Date: Lightspeed Romance (Piñata)