Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 06/03/14

all shook out… download

Moohah: All Shook Out (Starmaker)
Neil Darrow w/the Quarter Notes: She’s A Fine Chick (Wizz)
Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: Square Guitar (Square Guitar)
Omit Vomit: 1982 (Episode Sounds)
Now In 3-D: Skull Cave (Videoslaves)
Black Time: Cycles (More Songs About Motorcycles And Death)
Banshees: They Prefer Blondes (Solo)
Frays: Keep Me Covered (Decca)
Sonics: You’ve Got Your Head On Backwards (Maintaining My Cool)

Jewws: Just Blink, She’s Gone (l’explosion du son de maintainent)
Epicycle: Pleasant Valley Sequel (You’re Not Gonna Get It)
Teenage Head: Tearin’ Me Apart (Epic)
RAS: Jag Ar En Maskin (Smut)
Victims: High School Girls (No Thanks To The Human Turd)
Killer Bees: TV Violence (Limp/Windian)
The Ace: Egil’s Head-Ransom (demo)
Mystery Date: The One That You Really Want (Piñata)
Sonic Chicken 4: Love By The Riverside (s/t)

Kidnappers: Teenage Fever (Ransom Notes And Telephone Calls)
Sick Thoughts: Blood Red (Terminal Teenage)
Pussy Galore: Get Out (Pussy Gold 500)
Los Punk Rockers: No Feelings (Los Exitos De Sex Pistols)
Wet Blankets: Deter Caight My Bus (Goodbye Boozy)
Penetrators: Shopping Bag (Windian)
Scavengers: Routine (s/t)
Groovie Ghoulies: Blood Bath (Flyin’ Saucer Rock And Roll)
Ex-Cult: Shattered Circle (Midnight Passenger)

Section Urbane: Obsessions (Shake Music/540)