Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 05/06/14

all screwed up… download

Armitage Shanks w/Billy Childish: Shirts Off (Damaged Goods)
Dinos Boys: She Cut Me (Last Ones)
Cool Mutants: What’s Wrong With Me (s/t)
Atomic Suplex: Firing Line (Sharp Right!)
Superdestroyers: Slave To The Urge (Windian)
Martin Savage Gang: Hole In My Heart (Blahll!)
Valley Boys: Drone Attack (Ugly Pop)
Stalins Of Sound: Panik (Volar)
Section Urbane: Obsessions (Shake Music/540)

Sonic Chicken 4: Sonic Night (s/t)
Gestapo Khazi: Kathy’s Tales (Mono)
Spelling Mistakes: Nothing To Say (Feels So Good)
Ones: All Screwed Up (s/t)
Achtungs: Suicide (Going Underground)
UV Race: It Feels Like A Dagger (Carpet Doctor)
Overnight Lows: Steady Hands (Windian)

Cramps: The Band That Time Forgot/Twist And Shout (no label)
Loose Heart 100 Dreams (Danger)
Pagans: Haven’t Got The Time (What’s This Shit? 1977/1979)
Scavengers: Mysterex version 2 (s/t)
Bruiser Queen: Girl Like Me (Miss Molly)
Midnite Snaxxx: Giving Me The Business (Raw Deluxe)
Jackhammers: Kill Your Boss (Sharp Right!)
Omit Vomit: MSTN (Episode Sounds)

Useless Eaters: Mother Earth (Jeffery Drag)