Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 05/27/14

stepped in shit… download

Pussy Galore: Spin Out (Pussy Gold 500)
Predator: Opposite Of Clean/Peter Popoff (The Complete Earth)
Real Kids: She Don’t Take It (Shake Outta Control)
Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: Skeddadle! (Ghost Highway)
Jittery Jack: Gonna Have A Time (Gonna Have A Time With…)
Shades: Voodoo Woman (Times Square/Norton)
Danny & the Counts: You Need Love (Coronado)

Tabbys: Hong Kong Baby (Cleopatra)’s: Ah-So! (Can’t Help It!)
Headcoatees: My Boyfriend’s Learning Karate (Have Love Will Travel)
Ama-Dots: Dobermans (s/t)
Ausmuteants: Stepped In Shit (s/t)
La Flingue: Encapsulated (Ashesif-Chrome Zero-Trios)
Shanghais: Missed Connection (No Rules!)
Now In 3-D: X-Ray Eyes (Video Slaves)
Pookie & the Poodles: Waiting Games (The Last Thing I Did As A Teenager)
Romano Nervoso: Gully Gully (s/t)

Gas Huffer: Teach Me To Kill (SFTRI)
Golden Axe: Dognapped (Wolf Party)
Baxters: Don’t Run Away (Radio Ready)
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: Nazi Nine Eleven (s/t)
Dancer: Heart Failure (Grazer)
Dinos Boys: Play Dead (Last Ones)
Martin Savage Gang: Hold On (Blahll!)
Lumpy & the Dumpers: Future (Negative Jazz)

Overnight Lows: Bullshit Self (Windian)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 05/20/14

burn everything… download

Deli-Cados: Granny Baby (Norton)
Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: Don’t Know What I Want (Ghost Highway)
Sonic Chicken 4: Shadows On The Back (s/t)
Bitch School: Record Shop (Lipstick)
Shanghais: Pretty Mean (No Rules!)
RAS: Du Ar Bara Kott (Smut)
Ex-Cult: Not A Threat (Midnight Passenger)
Pagans: She’s A Cadaver (What’s This Shit? 1977/1979)
Atomic Suplex: No Pain (Sharp Right!)

Real Kids: She’s Got Everything (Shake Outta Control)
Dexter Romweber Duo: So Sad About Us (Images 13)
Bitter Pills: Shadow Of A Doubt (Domesticity)
Dinos Boys: She’s Outdated (Last Ones)
Ones: Short Dress (Blue Ribbon/Rerun)
Scavengers: Twenty-One (s/t)
Jerry & the Del-Rays: I Need Your Lovin’ (Norton)
Trio Banana: Colors In The Black (Goodbye Boozy)

Lumpy & the Dumpers: Face The Meat (Negative Jazz)
O Level: East Sheen (Pseudo Punk)
Kaisers: Too Much Monkey Business (rehearsal tape, June 22, 1992)
Tee Pees: Got My Gun (demo)
Mystery Date: You And Your Sister (Piñata)
Acthungs: Change Your Mind (Going Underground)
Spelling Mistakes: Ergophobia (Feels So Good)
Voodoo Savage: Beat It With A Rock (Wolf Party)
Golden Pelincans: Burn Everything (Pelican Pow Wow)

Shall I Sa Quois feat. CTMF: , Et Moi, Et Moi (Shall I Say Quoi?)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 05/13/14

pick your poison… download

Astronauts: Rocket To Mars (Shot Down)
Rhythm Bound: Come On In (demo)
Star Shooters: Shake The House (Shake The House)
Bloodshot Bill: Baby Don’t Like It (Lonesome Road)
Scavengers: Violence (s/t)
Mystery Date: Lightspeed Romance (Piñata)
Shonen Knife: Dance To The Rock (Overdrive)
Dinos Boys: Knee High (Last Ones)

Dexter Romweber Duo: Blue Surf (Images 13)
Superdestroyers: You’re Being Erased (Windian)
Dirty Cupcakes: Take You Out (Fuzz City)
Valley Boys: Down The Hole (Ugly Pop)
Achtungs: In Your Head (Going Underground)
Big Drag: Gotta Let Me Go (Unclean)
Spelling Mistakes: Anti-Social (Feels So Good)
Creeps: Pick Your Poison (Dead Meat)
Lubricants: Activated Energy (Relative/Reurn)

Atomic Suplex: Who Do You Love (???)
Apache: Civil Disobedience (Grazer)
Pookie & the Poodles: Slurp Me (The Last Thing I Did As A Teenager)
Wet Blankets: TV Suicide (Goodbye Boozy)
Mighty Fevers: Emotion Fire (One Chord Wonder)
Ex-Cult: New Virtues (Goner)
Teamsters: Digin’ An Early Grave (Moody Monkey)
Overnight Lows: Bullshit Self (Windian)
X-Ray Spex: I Am A Cliché (Obsessed With You: The Early Demos)
Loose Heart: Hot As The Gun (Danger)

Stalins Of Sound: Pool Of Piranha (Volar)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 05/06/14

all screwed up… download

Armitage Shanks w/Billy Childish: Shirts Off (Damaged Goods)
Dinos Boys: She Cut Me (Last Ones)
Cool Mutants: What’s Wrong With Me (s/t)
Atomic Suplex: Firing Line (Sharp Right!)
Superdestroyers: Slave To The Urge (Windian)
Martin Savage Gang: Hole In My Heart (Blahll!)
Valley Boys: Drone Attack (Ugly Pop)
Stalins Of Sound: Panik (Volar)
Section Urbane: Obsessions (Shake Music/540)

Sonic Chicken 4: Sonic Night (s/t)
Gestapo Khazi: Kathy’s Tales (Mono)
Spelling Mistakes: Nothing To Say (Feels So Good)
Ones: All Screwed Up (s/t)
Achtungs: Suicide (Going Underground)
UV Race: It Feels Like A Dagger (Carpet Doctor)
Overnight Lows: Steady Hands (Windian)

Cramps: The Band That Time Forgot/Twist And Shout (no label)
Loose Heart 100 Dreams (Danger)
Pagans: Haven’t Got The Time (What’s This Shit? 1977/1979)
Scavengers: Mysterex version 2 (s/t)
Bruiser Queen: Girl Like Me (Miss Molly)
Midnite Snaxxx: Giving Me The Business (Raw Deluxe)
Jackhammers: Kill Your Boss (Sharp Right!)
Omit Vomit: MSTN (Episode Sounds)

Useless Eaters: Mother Earth (Jeffery Drag)