Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 04/15/14

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Apache: Civil Disobedience (Grazer)
Monsieurs: At The Hop (La Parca)
La Flingue: Stumpf Ist Trumpf (Crapoulet)
Four Eyes: Old Milwaukee (Sweet Sounds)
Parasites: I Wanna Be Like Dee Dee Ramone (Pair Of Sides)
Killer Bees: TV Violence (Limp/Windian)
Sick Thoughts: Don’t Relate (Terminal Teenage)
Drags: That Girl Is Coming Around (One Louder)
Gino & the Goons: Trouble (Total Punk)

Shall I Say Quois feat CTMF: It’s Hard To Be Happy (Shall I Say Quoi?)
Dancer: Heart Falure (Grazer)
Four Slicks: Linda (Four On The Floor)
Brain F≠: Don’t Tell Me (Empty Set)
Ausmuteants: 15 Frames Per Second (Goodbye Boozy)
Impo & the Tents: Record Player (All The 7”’s On A Tape)
Protomartyr: Scum, Rise! (Under Color Of Official Right)
1-800-Band: Diver Blue (Diver Blue)

Teamsters: Don’t Come Back Home (Moody Monkey)
Wet Blankets: TV Suicide (Goodbye Boozy)
Predator: Nervous Laughter (The Complete Earth)
Electrochoc: Chaise Electrique (Oxygene/1977)
Hunx & his Punx: Mud In Your Eyes (Street Punk)
Rev Norb & the Onions: I’m Shit (Brad X)
Ornitorrincos: Quiero Escuchar Mi Vinilo De Los Germs (Crapoulet)
Wild Ones: Mad About You (Dream On)
Photobooth: You (Daggerman)
Skunks: Persian Radio (no label)

Hüsker Dü: Can’t See You Any More (The Truth Hurts)