Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 02/18/14

party going nowhere… download

Phantoms: Roadrunner (s/t)
Thor’s Hammer: I Don’t Care (If You Knew)
Entertainers: Down Home Girl (CNR)
Unknown geniuses: Follow Her Home (You Tore My Brain)
Big Richard Insect: Messed Her Up (Major Crimes)
Neon Stains: She’s A Freak (demo)
Infections: Kill For You (Rip Off)
Neighborhood Brats: Party Going Nowhere (Deranged)
Baddat For Trubbel: Inte Varrit Su Tuff (Total Punk)

Life Stinks: Drag You (s/t)
Tsunamis: Ray Davies (A Goodbad Man Is Hard To Find)
Mighty Fevers: Emotion Fire (One Chord Wonder)
Tranzmitors: Some Girls Do (La-Ti-Da)
Wild Emotions: Hey Everybody (Blahl!)
Achtungs: Suicide (demo)
Now In 3D!!: Born Without A Chance (Jukebox)
Viletones: Wet Dream Girl (Distortions)

Lumpy & the Dumpers: Too Much Slime (Mickraker)
Cal & the Calories: My Calorie (demo)
Gutters: Laptop (Tadpole)
Feelin’ Lucky: Dish Rag (s/t)
Morning Shakes: Trash Action Girl (Wallabies)
Ausmuteants: No Motivation (s/t)
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: Lazerdeath (s/t)
Brain F≠: Headaches And Vomit/Dirty Realism (Empty Set)
Captain 9’s & the Knickerbocker Trio: Monkey Suit (Heart Punch)
Telescope: Bye Byes Ain’t Nice (Who’s A Punk)

Cosmic Psychos: Nude Shelias On Motorbikes Drinking Beer (Glorius Barsteds)