Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rock And Roll Dance Party 02/11/14

rock and roll genocide… download

Primordials: That Driving Beat (Fourteen Prime Movers)
Soldiers Of Fortune: American Dream (Slow Death)
Morbeats: My Little Robota (One Chord Wonder)
Personal & the Pizzas: Brain Damage (Opps Baby)
Vultures: Russian Spy (RCS)
Strange Attractor: Nothing New (Mutant Love)
Victims: She’s So Hot (Real Wild Child)
Younger Lovers: I Can’t (Kim) Deal With It (Sugar In My Pocket)

Baddat For Trubbel: Less Pa Att Vara Forbabbad (Total Punk)
Brain ≠: Dry (Empty Set)
Mighty Fevers: That’s Alright Mama (One Chord Wonder)
Nikki Sudden: Channel Steamer (Waiting On Egypt)
Electric Belle Conspiracy: Take It Easy (demo)
Suicide Notes: Mummify Me (s/t)
Gino & the Goons: Oh Yeah! (Pelican Pow Wow)
#1’s: Sharon (Sorry State)
Steve Voice: School Days (Who’s A Punk?)

Shirks: Chinese Heels (Cricket Cemetery)
Neon Stains: I’m A Jerk (demo)
Stink Bugs: The Mountain (Swashbuckling Hobo)
Vexx: Spirit/Constraint (s/t)
Loli & the Chones: Everybody Hates Me (Rock And Roll Genecide)
Red Red Krovvy: ICU (RIP Society)
Wau y los Arrrghs!: La Ciudad No Es Para Mi (Todo Roto)
Future Primitives: Zig Zag Wanderer (Songs We Taught Ourselves)
Running Dogs: Born Yesterday (Shattered)

Hüsker Dü: Sore Eyes (The Truth Hurts)