Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 12/31/13

anonymous and incompetent… download

Ding-Dongs: Are You Ready (Rang Tang Ding Dong)
Danny & the Darleans: Don’t Get In The Car (s/t)
Meat Sluts: My Baby Is A Ding Dong (Makin’ Bacon)
Illusions: The Outcast (Audio Unlimited)
Baron Four: Yes I Do (State)
Way To Go Genius: Hipster No. 1 (no label)
Steve Cooper & the Avantis: Sky Diver (Yucca)
Dirty Cupcakes: I Want It (Fuzz City)

Zingers: Million Dollar Chump (s/t)
Alberto y los Trios Paranoias: Fuck You (Who’s A Punk)
Secret Prostitutes: Necrophilia (Welcome To Punk…)
Lady Banana: Adult Rock (Frantic City)
Brentwoods: Hondabuickford (Fun In South City)
Sneaky Pinks: I’m Punk (Almost Ready)
Lost Kids: Alle Taler (Medley/Sing Sing)
Sex Crime: She’s Got No Reason To Dance (no label)
Embers: I’m Goin’ Surfin’ (Suemi)
New Surfsiders: Good Vibrations (Norton)
Insults: Zombie Lover (Ric Mar/Last Laugh)

Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: Rats Of Trantor (s/t)
Gyppo: High Rise Love (Who’s A Punk)
Nightmare Boyzzz: Problem Child (Bad Patterns)
Lovely Legs: On My Knees (Swashbuckling Hobo)
Supercharger: Lost Cause (s/t)
Rovin’ Flames: Bo Diddley (Tampa Bay)
Wau y los Arrrghs: Maldito Modales (Todo Roto)
Bad Vision: Flesh, Blood And Bones (s/t)
Quango: Living In A Shithole (First World Problems)

Anteenagers MC: Anonymous And Incompetent (Campo-logy)