Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/24/13

red, yellow, green, blue… download

Woodies: Red Rock (Teenline)
Ausmuteants: Kicked In The Head By A Horse (s/t)
La Flingue: Neutral Chic (Rubber Glue Zero Un)
Chopper Chicks: This IS My Dance (s/t)
Benny Joy: Button Nose (Crash The Party)
Mac Curtis: If I Had Me A Woman (King)
Bobby Jackson: Cha Cha Cha (Jan)
Jolt: You’re Cold! (Polydor)
Future Primitives: Girl Like You (Into The Primitive)
Makers: No Count (Hunger)

Sexpistolstaten Och Mockfjardsvapnet: Konsrok Parkinglot (Det Personliga CV:t)
Swell Maps: Another Song (A Trip To Marineville)
Eroders: Use Your Eyes (s/t)
Last Exit: The Fast One (Wildwood)
Wau y los Arrrghs!!!: Tres Cabezas (Todo Roto)
Atlantic Thrills: A Day At The Beach (Almost Ready)
Pretty Boy & the Upsetters: Bip Bop Bip (Atlantic)
Headcoats: When The Night Comes (Friends Of The Buff Medway Fanciers Association)
Headcoatees: All My Feelings Denied (Ballad Of The Insolent Pup)

Roky Erickson: I Walked With A Zombie (The Evil One)
Rock Bottom & the Spies: Death Trap (Bottoms Up)
F’ke Blood: Do The Freeze (The Band That Bled Real Blood)
Invaders Of Burdines Combo Castle: ‘Honda’ Come Back (Suncrest)
Hygiene: TV Girl (Dire)
Autodramatics: I Dance (Emotional Static)
Von Zippers: Can’t Stand Rock And Roll (Wow ‘em Down At Franzl’s)
Fine Lines: Set You Straight (Set You Straight)
Readymades: I’ve Been To Egypt (I’m A Man, I’m A Flower)