Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/17/13

rock and roll enemy no. 1… download

Rock Bottom & the Spies: No Good (Bottoms Up)
Angry Samoans: Right Side Of My Mind (Inside My Brain)
Damned: Stab Your Back (Damned Damned Damned)
Derrell Felts & the Confederates: Playmates (Dixie)
Bloodshot Bill: Baby Don’t Go (Lonesome Road)
Future Primitives: In And Out (Into The Primitive)
F’ke Blood: Teenage Conversation (The Band That Bled Real Blood)
Friends Of Dorothy: Jimmy Janson (Ken Rock/Spastic Fantastic)
Personal & the Pizzas: Diet, Crime And Delinquency (Oops Baby)

Gestures: Run Run Run (Soma)
Blue Stars: Social End Product (Allied International)
Gimmies: Kids And Neighbors (Mangrove/Modernist)
Cuntz: Brizbane (Solid Mates)
Armitage Shanks w/Kyra Rubella: Orgasm Addict (Damaged Goods)
Primitive Hearts: It Must Be Nice (High And Tight)
Deacons: The Baldie Beat (Re-Car)
Hipbone Slim & the Kneetremblers: You Ain’t No Great Shakes (Go Hog Wild)
Monsters: Hang On (The Hunch)

Oblivians: Desperation (Desperation)
La Flingue: One Chord One Beat (Kleb-Stoff Zero-Deux)
Stitches: Without You (Rapid Pulse)
Hunx & his Punx: I’m Coming Back (Street Punk)
222’s: Fun Fun Fun (She Wants Revenge)
Machines: True Life (Wax)
Golden Pelicans: The Earls (Total Punk)
Crime Rock And Roll Enemy No.1 (San Francisco Is Still Doomed)
Gutters: Cesium 137 (Tadpole/Gutter)
Teengenerate: Burn My Eye (Smash Hits)