Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/03/13

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Florian Monday & his Mondos: Rip It Rip It Up (Realm)
Cardinals: Hatchet Face (Cha Cha)
Barracudas: It’s High Time (Flare)
Lipstick: Powerslide (We Went And Recorded It Anyway)
Chain Letters: Bad Reaction (Pogo Time)
Cybermen: Don’t Ask My Name (Boarder Beat)
Headcoats: Girl Of Matches (Heavens To Murgatroid, Even…)

Windbreakers: That Girl (Big Monkey)
Persians: Let’s Monkey Again (Goldisc)
Gardenias: Houdini (Hi-Q)
Little Betty Cook & the Rag Mops: The Itchy Scratch (CBM)
Del Gators: Get Down And Get Stupid (Pound Down)
Socials: Hot Tips (Centsless)
Stitches: Without You (Rapid Pulse)
Outcasts: Just Another Teenage Rebel (Good Vibrations)

Gekirin: Fish Story (Fish Story)
Sex Pistols: Lots Of Fun (Spunk)
Junk: Society And The Robot (Rapid Pulse)
Fits: Just Lust (Stage Fright)
Streetkidz: Spy vs. Spy (Looking For A Thrill)
Zentralhezung Of Death: Summerguts (Alien Snatch!)
Cyclops: Eye Hate You (No Rules No Fun)
Bits Of Shit: Total Recoil (Matador)
Angkor Wrack: Coupe De Boule (Puma Punkar)

Future Primitives: Tried To Let Go (Into The Primitive)
Kidz Next Door: Images (s/t)
Gaggers: Gag On This (Rapid Pulse)
Miscalculations: Asbestos City (No Front Teeth)
Spits: Wait (Fat)
Dirtbombs: Sugar On Top (Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey)
Protokids: Self Conscience Over You (Alien Snatch!)

Ausmuteants: Carbon Monoxide (Anti-Fade)
Simple Circuit: Sattrash (s/t)
Friends Of Dorothy: Gimme Your Love (Spastic Fantastic)
Spiders: Furi Furi ’66 (G.S. I Love You)
Masonics: Don’t Talk To Me (Royal And Anchient)
Lyle Sheraton & the Daylight Lovers: Ten Cents Cheaper (s/t)
Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb: The Last Skin Job (Big Neck)
Messer Chups: Surf n’ Rolla (Church Of Reverb)

Constant Mongrel: In The Courts (Heavy Breathing)
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: CIA (Orgone Toilet)
Ramones: I’m Against It (Road To Ruin)
Life Stinks: Drag You (Total Punk)
Oblivians: Static Party (In The Red)
True Sons Of Thunder: Get On The Bus And Go Home (Stop And Smell Your Face)
Young Identities: Convulsions (Let’s Have Some) (Savage Music)
Carbonas: Count Me Out (s/t)