Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/30/13

another tuesday stuck at home, what am I s'pposed to do... download

Personal & the Pizzas: Brass Knuckles (Raw Pie)
Four Teens: Right Now (Ken Rock)
Urinals: Scholastic Aptitude (Negative Capability)
Living Eyes: Down And Out (s/t)
Ted Mulry: You’ve Got It (Sharpies)
Bugs: Ain’t This Life (No Rules, No Fun)
Devils: The Devil Dance (Combo)
Autodramatics: Treble Addict (Emotional Static)

Dirtbombs: Crazy For You (Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey)
Bloodshot Bill & his Big Combo: Ding Dong Baby (Hog Maw)
‘J’ & the Sabres w/music by the Gents: Twist Mary Sue (Vav Ray)
Fireworks: Observer (Lit Up)
Phantom Scars: Lo-Fi Girl (Manglor)
Martin & the Brown Shirts: Boring (Tabitha)
Bastards: Funky Bastard (Dig It International/Sing Sing)
True Sons Of Thunder: Tom Lee The Manatee (Stop And Smell Your Face)

Ex-Cult: Mr. Fantasy (Goner)
Soda Fraise: Ca Baigne Dans L’Huile (Phillips/Sing Sing)
Dentists: I Had An Excellent Dream (Some People Are On The Pitch They Think It’s All Over Now)
Zero Boys: Stoned To Death For Sexual Offences (Z-Disc/1234 Go!)
Spivs: Outside Myself (The Crowds And The Sounds)
Subtle Turnhips: Where Have Al The Surf Boys Gone (Black And Noir)
Sellwoods: I’m Moving On (Smash)

Wild Billy Childish & the CTMF: 36 Years Later (Damaged Goods)
New York City Rats: I Don’t Understand (demo)
White Fangs: I Can Live Without You (split w/Combomatrix)
Happy Times: Chiko Roll (Swashbuckling Hobo)
Outdoorsmen: Burning Devotion (No Rules, No Fun)
Muzzlers: Still As The Night (As A Matter f Courtesy)
Golden Pelicans: The Earls (Total Punk)
Glitz: She Don’t Listen To Music (It’z Glitz)
Hunx & his Punx: I’m Coming Back (Street Punk)

Telecommande: GG Allin (En Ligne De Mire)
GG Allin: Bored To Death (Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be)
Video: Teenage Death (Leather Leather)
Max Load: You’re A Blur (Art Punk From The Wrong Side Of The River)
Mystery Date: The One You Really Want (demo)
Partisans: Killing Machine (No Future/Ugly Pop)
GG King: Vacuum Cleaner (demo)

Teengenerate: Teenage Freak (Egg Studios demo)
Dead Boys: Sonic Reducer (Young, Loud And Snotty)
Bits Of Shit: Meat Thump (Total Punk)
Protex: Listening In (Good Vibrations/1977)
Edith Nylon: Waldorf (CBS)
Spies: My Radio (Radio Ready)