Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/16/13

can’t tame me… download

Gravediggers: Rumblin’ Ubangi Stomp (Move It)
Fireworks: Don’t Let It Go (Lit Up)
Golden Pelicans: The Earls (Total Punk)
Rats: Rat’s Revenge part 1 & 2 (Black Cat)
No Tomorrow Boys: No Tomorrow Twist (Teen-Age Riot)
Protex: Just Want Your Attention (Good Vibrations/1977)

Coloured Balls: Heavy Metal Kids (Sharpies)
Sellwoods: Mary Kay (Smash)
Muzzlers: As A Matter Of Courtesy (As A Matter Of Courtesy)
Thurston Howlers: Insane (Lodge Party)
Los Marauders: Wreckin’ Machine (Every Song We Fuckin’ Know)
Gun Club: For The Love Of Ivy (Fire Of  Love)
Day Creeper: Turning Into A Man (no label)

Housewives: Who Am I? (RIP Society)
Vacation Club: Day Dream (Randy)
Gino & the Goons: Gotta Getaway (s/t)
Myron Lee: Fat Man (Garrett)
Chentelles: Be My Queen (Fenton)
New Bomb Turks: Long Gone Sister (Destroy Oh Boy!)
La Femme: Chelsea Kids (Sharpies)

Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: Shithole Boys (demo)
Bad Vision: Visions (Bad Vision)
Mark 5: You Make Me Lose My Mind (Blast)
Kavaliers: Get You Feet Off Of Me (Morgan)
Peer Pressure: Excitement (Rerun)
Overheaters: Broken Bones (Obvious)
Autodramatics: I Dance (Emotional Static)
Black Time: Black Time pt.1 (Black Out)
Real Numbers: Perils Of Paulene (Only Two Can Play)

Hunx & his Punx: You Think You’re Tuff (Street Punk)
Hemingers: Justine! (Cassette Bandwagon)
Wild Billy Childish & the CTMF: X-Craft On Tripitz (All Are Forts Are With You)
Chinese Burns: Not My Girl (Swashbuckling Hobo)
Bits Of Shit: W.W. Me (Total Punk)
Rattlecats: Those Are The Breaks (Radio Ready)
Hush: Mind Rocker (Sharpies)
Victims: Annette (Plan 9/1977)
Stabs: Never Going Home (Dirt)

Spivs: The Crowds And the Sounds (The Crowds And the Sounds)
Baddat For Trubbel: Sa Javla Kass (Skrammel)
Ogres: It’s Alright (The Acrid And Misanthropic Sounds Of…)
Benders: Can’t Tame Me (Big Sound)
Recordettes: John Waters (No Front Teeth)
Magic Trash: Give Me The Number (Kool Ranch)
Oblivians: I’ll Be Gone (Desperation)