Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/30/13

another tuesday stuck at home, what am I s'pposed to do... download

Personal & the Pizzas: Brass Knuckles (Raw Pie)
Four Teens: Right Now (Ken Rock)
Urinals: Scholastic Aptitude (Negative Capability)
Living Eyes: Down And Out (s/t)
Ted Mulry: You’ve Got It (Sharpies)
Bugs: Ain’t This Life (No Rules, No Fun)
Devils: The Devil Dance (Combo)
Autodramatics: Treble Addict (Emotional Static)

Dirtbombs: Crazy For You (Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey)
Bloodshot Bill & his Big Combo: Ding Dong Baby (Hog Maw)
‘J’ & the Sabres w/music by the Gents: Twist Mary Sue (Vav Ray)
Fireworks: Observer (Lit Up)
Phantom Scars: Lo-Fi Girl (Manglor)
Martin & the Brown Shirts: Boring (Tabitha)
Bastards: Funky Bastard (Dig It International/Sing Sing)
True Sons Of Thunder: Tom Lee The Manatee (Stop And Smell Your Face)

Ex-Cult: Mr. Fantasy (Goner)
Soda Fraise: Ca Baigne Dans L’Huile (Phillips/Sing Sing)
Dentists: I Had An Excellent Dream (Some People Are On The Pitch They Think It’s All Over Now)
Zero Boys: Stoned To Death For Sexual Offences (Z-Disc/1234 Go!)
Spivs: Outside Myself (The Crowds And The Sounds)
Subtle Turnhips: Where Have Al The Surf Boys Gone (Black And Noir)
Sellwoods: I’m Moving On (Smash)

Wild Billy Childish & the CTMF: 36 Years Later (Damaged Goods)
New York City Rats: I Don’t Understand (demo)
White Fangs: I Can Live Without You (split w/Combomatrix)
Happy Times: Chiko Roll (Swashbuckling Hobo)
Outdoorsmen: Burning Devotion (No Rules, No Fun)
Muzzlers: Still As The Night (As A Matter f Courtesy)
Golden Pelicans: The Earls (Total Punk)
Glitz: She Don’t Listen To Music (It’z Glitz)
Hunx & his Punx: I’m Coming Back (Street Punk)

Telecommande: GG Allin (En Ligne De Mire)
GG Allin: Bored To Death (Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be)
Video: Teenage Death (Leather Leather)
Max Load: You’re A Blur (Art Punk From The Wrong Side Of The River)
Mystery Date: The One You Really Want (demo)
Partisans: Killing Machine (No Future/Ugly Pop)
GG King: Vacuum Cleaner (demo)

Teengenerate: Teenage Freak (Egg Studios demo)
Dead Boys: Sonic Reducer (Young, Loud And Snotty)
Bits Of Shit: Meat Thump (Total Punk)
Protex: Listening In (Good Vibrations/1977)
Edith Nylon: Waldorf (CBS)
Spies: My Radio (Radio Ready)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/23/12

ain’t doing nuthin’ but rock and roll… download

Tempests: Lemon Lime (Lifetime)
Screamin’ Joe Neal w/the Jerry Brown Orchestra: Rock And Roll Deacon (Shippings)
Vice Roys: Don’t Let Go (E’Den)
Kaisers: Hipshake Shimmy Kitten (Squarehead Stomp!)
Ogres: Tell Me No Lies (The Acrid And Misanthropic Sounds Of…)
Raw Nerves: I Don’t Want You Around (Un Mando Di Canzonette)
Black Sheep: Baa-Baa (Bellcor)
Stefan: J’Suis Pas Mechat (RKM)

Muzzlers: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (As A Matter Of Courtesy)
Protex: Don’t Ring Me  Up (Good Vibrations/1977)
Hipbone Slim & the Kneetremblers: Hey Ramona! (Ugly Mobile)
Gravediggers: Love Me Redux (Move It)
Makers: Operation Mindbomb (The Devil’s Nine Questions)
Hemingers: Little Green Bag (Cassette Bandwagon)
Los Baby Rocks: Me Nena (RCA Hector)
Bloodshot Bill: Radioactive Flip Flop (Ghost Highway)

Jackie Christian & Target: The Last Time I Go To Baltimore (Sharpies)
Love Bullet: Touch It (demo)
Golden Pelicans: Chained To The Dumpster (Total Punk)
Spivs: Heroin Pin Up (The Crowds And The Sounds)
Housewives: That’s Chat (RIP Society)
True Sons Of Thunder: Down In The Alley (Stop And Smell Your Face)
Hunx & his Punx: Mud In Your Eye (Street Punk)

Young Identities: Positive Thinking (Negative Reaction) (Savage Music/540)
Sublte Turnhips: The Strand (Meal)
Ramones: Wart Hog (Too Tough To Die)
Oblivians: Oblivion (Desperation)
Living Eyes: Outta Doubt (s/t)
Sick Thoughts: Peaked In High School (Young And Done)
Jook: Bish Bash Bosh (Jook Rule OK)
Toyotas: TV Injection (…Make Headlines)
Wild Billy Childish & the CTMF: The Headless Flower Pot Girl (All Out Forts Are With You)

Telecommande: Palegnero (En Linge De Mire)
Quango: Fatality (First World Problems)
Sellwoods: Mini Skirt Mob (Smash)
Cikatris: Questions (Sax/Rundgang)
Day Creeper: Zonin’ Out (no label)
Autodramatics: Rods II (Terrible Intentions) (Emotional Static)
Routes: Hot Wired (Instrumental)
Man… or Astro-Man?: Disintigrate (Defcon 5… 4… 3… 2… 1)

Hank Wood & the Hammerheads: Trouble (Go Home)
Victims: Behind The Times (Plan 9/1977)
Manateees: Stupifier (Pelican Pow Wow)
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: I’m A Disaster (Pelican Pow Wow)
Cartoons: Who Cares (CPI/Last Laugh)
Babeez: Dowana Love (no label)
New Bomb Turks: Up For A Downslide (Destroy Oh Boy!)
Livids: Nerve Wrecked (Oops Baby)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/16/13

can’t tame me… download

Gravediggers: Rumblin’ Ubangi Stomp (Move It)
Fireworks: Don’t Let It Go (Lit Up)
Golden Pelicans: The Earls (Total Punk)
Rats: Rat’s Revenge part 1 & 2 (Black Cat)
No Tomorrow Boys: No Tomorrow Twist (Teen-Age Riot)
Protex: Just Want Your Attention (Good Vibrations/1977)

Coloured Balls: Heavy Metal Kids (Sharpies)
Sellwoods: Mary Kay (Smash)
Muzzlers: As A Matter Of Courtesy (As A Matter Of Courtesy)
Thurston Howlers: Insane (Lodge Party)
Los Marauders: Wreckin’ Machine (Every Song We Fuckin’ Know)
Gun Club: For The Love Of Ivy (Fire Of  Love)
Day Creeper: Turning Into A Man (no label)

Housewives: Who Am I? (RIP Society)
Vacation Club: Day Dream (Randy)
Gino & the Goons: Gotta Getaway (s/t)
Myron Lee: Fat Man (Garrett)
Chentelles: Be My Queen (Fenton)
New Bomb Turks: Long Gone Sister (Destroy Oh Boy!)
La Femme: Chelsea Kids (Sharpies)

Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: Shithole Boys (demo)
Bad Vision: Visions (Bad Vision)
Mark 5: You Make Me Lose My Mind (Blast)
Kavaliers: Get You Feet Off Of Me (Morgan)
Peer Pressure: Excitement (Rerun)
Overheaters: Broken Bones (Obvious)
Autodramatics: I Dance (Emotional Static)
Black Time: Black Time pt.1 (Black Out)
Real Numbers: Perils Of Paulene (Only Two Can Play)

Hunx & his Punx: You Think You’re Tuff (Street Punk)
Hemingers: Justine! (Cassette Bandwagon)
Wild Billy Childish & the CTMF: X-Craft On Tripitz (All Are Forts Are With You)
Chinese Burns: Not My Girl (Swashbuckling Hobo)
Bits Of Shit: W.W. Me (Total Punk)
Rattlecats: Those Are The Breaks (Radio Ready)
Hush: Mind Rocker (Sharpies)
Victims: Annette (Plan 9/1977)
Stabs: Never Going Home (Dirt)

Spivs: The Crowds And the Sounds (The Crowds And the Sounds)
Baddat For Trubbel: Sa Javla Kass (Skrammel)
Ogres: It’s Alright (The Acrid And Misanthropic Sounds Of…)
Benders: Can’t Tame Me (Big Sound)
Recordettes: John Waters (No Front Teeth)
Magic Trash: Give Me The Number (Kool Ranch)
Oblivians: I’ll Be Gone (Desperation)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/09/13

loathsome n’ wild… download

Sabres w/Louis Gittens: My Hot Mama (Kat)
A-Bones w/the’s: Hully Gully (Lance Rock)
Olympics: Private Eye (Arvee)
Atomic Suplex: I’m On (Bathroom Party)
Hemingers: Dance!... Just Dance! (Cassette Bandwagon)
Cool Jerks: Shimmy Babe (International LP)
New Picadillys: Judy Is A Punk (All Tore Up)
Kings Ransom: Ain’t That A Shame (Party Party Party)

Four Rogues: The Ralphie (Philtown)
Weavils: Here I Am In Love Again (Lori)
Ogres: Life, Love And The Pursuit Of Happiness (The Acrid And Misanthropic Sounds Of…)
Jimmy White w/the Relations: Diamond-Coated Banana Bush (Dome)
Poppets: The Long Highway (Steal Like A Thief)
Wild Youth: All Messed Up (A Leopard Never Changes Her Spots)
Wild Billy Childish & the CTMF: I Just Wanna Make Love To You (All Are Forts Are With You)
Hunx & his Punx: Street Punk (Street Punk)

True Sons Of Thunder: Down In The Alley (Stop And Smell Your Face)
Metros: On The Radio Waves (s/t)
Black Jaspers: Spicy Chicken (s/t)
Oblivians: Desperation (Desperation)
Secret Prostitutes: Sputnik (split w/the Cola Freaks)
Baddat For Trubbel: Dina Vanner Har Ratt (Skrammel)
Olivenstiens: Je Suis Negatif (s/t)
Primitive Hearts: Cry Baby (High And Tight)
US Mods: I’m Gone (Radio Ready)
Dr. T & the Undertakers: Undertaker’s Theme (Target)

Spivs: Let’s Talk About The Weather (The Crowds And The Sounds)
Gary Wrong: Streets Of Iron (Knights Of Misery)
Pointed Sticks: You Must Be Crazy (Part Of The Noise)
Victims: Nervous (Plan 9)
Onions: Monster Lawless Zone (demo)
Vibrators: Yeah Yeah Yeah (Pure Mania)
Stiff Little Fingers: Suspect Device (Rigid Digits)
Mighty Caesars: Loathsome n’ Wild (Acopolis Now)
Cybermen: Where’s The New Wave (Rockaway)

Dancer: Let’s Get It On (No Rules, No Fun)
Ich Bin Ein Esel: Hate, Fear And Conquest (Swashbuckling Hobo)
Gentleman Jesse: I’m A Mess Without You (Leaving Atlanta)
Mr. T Experience: I Ain’t Gonna Be History (Nightshift At The Thrill Factory)
Man… or Astro-Man?: Comunication Breakdown part II (Defcon 5… 4… 3… 2… 1)
Stabs: No Hoper (Dead Wood)
Black And White: No Reply (Hardcore Survives)

Bad Vision: 112 (Bad Vision)
Gino & the Goons: Repeat It/Get On Down (s/t)
Penetrators: Teenage Lifestyle (Kings Of Basement Rock)
Housewives: Lick The Pip (RIP Society)
Peer Pressure: Eve Of Destruction (Rerun)
Shanghais: Too Cool To Cry (No Rules, No Fun)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/02/13

retard hoedown… download

Barry Wilson & the Camelots: The Bug (Dot)
Marty & the Monks: Mexican Party (Associated Artists)
Walter Brown & the Wild Cats: Cheery Lou (Kicksville)
Alfredo Mendieta: Chicken Run (Double RR)
Eddy Bell & the Bel-Aires: The Masked Man (Mercury)
Kaiser George & the Hi-Risers: I Like That Peggy Jones (Transatlantic Dynamite)
Hipbone Slim & the Kneetremblers: Orangutan (Ugly Mobile)

Routes: Smoking Gun (Instrumental)
Hemingers: Taco Tuesday (Cassette Bandwagon)
Cowabunga Babes: Beach Babe (Going Nowhere)
Wild Billy Childish & the CTMF: The Second Generation Punks (All Are Forts Are With You)
Groop: Alright (Back From The Grave)
Scotsmen: Sorry Charlie (Panorama)
Coloured Balls: Won’t You Make Up Your Mind (Ball Power)
Primitive Hearts: Must Be Nice (High And Tight)
Ogres: Not Having Fun (The Acrid And Misanthropic Sounds Of…)

Autodramatics: Emotional Static (Emotional Static)
Oblivians: Call The Police (Desperation)
Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Creative Types (RIP Society)
Pop Rivets: Dream Of ’63 (Greatest Hits)
Sex Crime: Too Many (Danger)
Devo: Goo Goo Itch (Hardcore vol.2)
Spivs: Social Network (The Crowds And The Sounds)
Man… or Astro-Man?: Antimatter Man (Defcon 5… 4… 3… 2… 1)

Aversions: Black Alibi (Die In Style)
MS Paint: So Bad (demo)
Haskells: Pop Art (Radio Ready)
Sexe A Pile: Pas Vraiment Mechant (Je Suis Punk)
Young Republicans: Sabotage Your Cookout (More Than A Witness)
Folded Shirt: Retard Hoedown (F/S)
Los Idiotas: Yeah Yeah (Iekk! Sounds)
Las Sons Of Krypton: Psycho Killer (4 Track Demos)
Chinese Burns: Goose Step (Swashbuckling Hobo)

Matt K Shrugg: Fancy Pants (Sacramento)
Automatics: Watch Her Now (Island)
Sick Thoughts: Take My Hate (Deformation)
Unreleasables: I Hate My Nazi Girlfriend (No Front Teeth)
Kids: The City Is Dead (Fontana)
Dead Ghosts: Hangin’ In The Alley (Can’t Get No)
Reactors: I Want Sex (Meltdown Music/Last Laugh)
Avengers: Car Crash (Dangerhouse/Superior Viaduct)

Real Numbers: This Time He’s Gone Too Far (Only Two Can Play)
Manateees: Witch (Tic Tac Totally)
Figures Of Light: I’m So Sick Of Everything (Smash Hits)
Penetrators: Life Stinks (Kings Of Basement Rock)
Livids: Stop Bleeding (Big Neck)
Bits Of Shit: Meat Thump (Total Punk)
Mighty Caesars: Cyclonic (Beware The Ides Of March)