Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 05/07/13

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Groupies: Primitive (Taco)
Bloodshot Bill: Kerry Lee (All Messed Up)
Oblivians: King Louie Stomp (Hate)
No Tomorrow Boys: I Go Ape (No Tomorrow Boys)
Creeping Ivies: Bop Like That (Stay Wild)
Wise Guyz: You’re Getting Too Much (Let’s Rock The Floor)
All Willis & the New Swingsters: Look Who’s Lonely (Crazy Times)

Billy Smith: Tell Me Baby (Red Hen)
Cliffie Nash: No Time For Sisters (Do-Ra-Me)
Five Shades: One Hot Dog (And An Orange Drink) (MGM)
Jimmy Peterson: One Buffalo (You Mean A Nickel) (Federal)
Gino & the Goons: Hit It (s/t)
Dykeman Family: We Will Never Fall (2nd EP)
Intellectuals: Oh Freud (Invisible Is Best)
Dogs: Words (Different)
Dave Starkey Five & Just Us: Stand There (Shazam)

Man… or Astro-Man?: Anti Matter Man (Defcon
Mystery Date: Radio Silence (demo)
Readymades: I’ve Been To Egypt (I’m A Man, I’m A Flower)
Primitive Hearts: Cry Baby (High And Tight)
Link Wray & the Ray Men: Fat Back (Jack The Ripper)
Hasil Adkins: Turn My Coat Tails Loose (White Light/White Meat)
Tabbys: Hong Kong Baby (Cleopatra)
Incredible Kidda Band: Bitch (Last Laugh)
Max Load: You’re A Blur (Art Punk From The Wrong Side Of The River)

Livids: Stop Bleeding (Big Neck)
X-Rays: Six Pack Style (Big Neck)
X: Revolution (X-Aspirations)
Hemingers: Let’s Get Together (Goodbye Boozy)
Brentwoods: Go Get Bent (Fn In South City)
Real Numbers: Ordeal (Only Two Can Play)
Sleaze: Live Wire (Tecktonic Girlz And Other Hits)
Two Bo’s Maniacs: Stir Fry (Hate)
Way To Go Genius: Fall Smash (s/t)

Oblivians: I’ll Be Gone (Desperation)
Waylon Thornton & the Heavy Hands: Huff Glue, Get Scars (Enter The Coven)
Unwed Teenage Mothers: Blood (Hiss Lab)
Phantom Scars: 1000 RPM’s (Manglor)
Four Teens: Little Bit (Ken Rock)
Blades: Hot For You (Energy)
RAS: 7/11 (Yellow)
Useless Eaters: Shapes Of A Mannequin (Hypertension)
Wasps: Teenage Treats (4 Play)

Spelling Mistakes: I Hate The Spelling Mistakes (Propeller)
Toy Love: Amputee Song (s/t)
Mighty Fevers: I’m A Zombie (Fuck’n Great RNR)
Final Solutions: Sex Head (Shattered)
Idi Amin & the Amputees: Disco Bitch (Going Underground)
Wild Thing: Out Of Touch (Clown College)
Head: Killed By Death (Goner)
Chronic Sick: There Goes The Neighborhood (Cutest Band In Hardcore)