Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 04/30/13

idiot mind… download

Thumper Jones: Rock It (Starday)
Waylon Thornton & the Heavy Hands: Adam Warlock (Only Darkness Holds The Power)
No Tomorrow Boys: Teen-Age Vice (No Tomorrow Boys)
Renegades: Thirteen Women (Ariston)
Rovin’ Flames: I Can’t (Hang It Out To Dry)
Primitive Hearts: No Rules (High And Tight)
Ramonas: Teenage Stoneage Tarzan (Out Of The Basement)
Sewers: Human Spray (Cassette #1)

Scientists: Teenage Dreamer (s/t)
Mystery Date: Dreaming In Black And White (Three Dimensional)
Bad News: Gonna Be A Woman (s/t)
Jittery Jack: Don’t Stop (Gone Plum Crazy!)
Al Foul & the Shakes: Rock Pile Rock (First Demo)
Unwed Teenage Mothers: Wish You Were  Older (Hitss Lab)
Bob Ridgely: She Was A Mau Mau (Del-Fi)
Chello’s: Chicken Back Twist (WGW)

Steve & the Holidays: Unemployment (Dandy)
Husker Du: Let’s Go Die (Numero)
Louder: Idiot Mind (Louder)
Sleaze: Too Close To Home (Tecktonik Girls And Other Hits)
Ejectors: Napalm Hop/Slam Dance (Hydrohead)
Uncool Danceband: Let Me Be Your Boyfriend (Polydor)
Real Numbers: Only Two Can Play (Only Two Can Play)
Max Load: X-Rod (Art Punk From The Wrong Side Of The River)

Ty Segall: Cat Black (Goner)
Mean Jeans: Total Creep (Keystone Light And Other Hits)
Crime: Frustration (Crime Music)
100 Flowers: I Hate (100 Years Of Pulchritude)
Straight Arrows: Never Enough (Hozac)
Freshies: Johnny Radar (Razz)
Cum Stain: The Challenger Disaster (Slop Bop)
Baddat For Trubbel: Du Kan Saega Vad Fan Du Vill (Det Har Int New York)
Prefecture: ACDY (Rerun)

Bits Of Shit: Meat Thump (Total Punk)
Manateees: Tree House (Goner)
Oblivians: Strong Come On (Crypt)
Fly Traps: Love Disease (She Freak)
Glitz: Innosense (It’z Glitz)
Tee Pees: Robot Love (Manglor)
Sector Zero: Hiding In My Car (Goner)
Urinals: I’m A Bug (Happy Squid)
White Pages: Please Kill Them (Can’t Stand Ya)
Gutters: Cesium 137 (Tadpole)

Timmy Vulgar: Weasels Around (Center Of Saturn)
Livids: Zilch (Slovenly)
Gary Wrong Group: Reason To Shive (Total Punk)
Suburban Mutilation: I Reject U (The Opera Ain’t Over Til The Fat Lady Sings)
Ills: The Creeps (Shake!)
Sulphur Lights: Nothing (Enemies)
Subtle Turnhips: Devox (Meal)
Static Eyes: Trouble (Windian)
Total Control: One More Tonight (Henge Beat)