Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 04/23/13

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Paul Revere & the Raiders: All Night Long (Like Long Hair)
Eventuals: Charlie Chan (Okeh)
Johnny Burnette & the Rock And Roll Trio: Your Baby Blue Eyes (Coral)
Jimmy & Johnny: I Can’t Find The Door Knob (D)
Sammy Cotton & Group: Give Me One More Drink (Okeh)
Five Dollars: How To Do The Bacon Fat (Fortune)
Les Sexareenos: My Baby Keeps Me Up All Night (14 Frenzied Shakers)
Four Slicks: Let’s Live It Up (Four On The Floor)

Narvel Felts: Foolish Thought (Mercury)
Darrel Higham: Turn My Back On You (Wild In Hollywood)
Tee Pees: I Think I Like Your Sister Better (Manglor)
Urinals: Sex (Happy Squid)
Deke Dickerson & the Trashmen: I’m A Trashman (Major Label)
Huelyn Duvall: Pucker Paint (Challenge)
Humpers: California Sun (Safety Pin)
Lovesores: Fast Friends (Lovesores)
Primitive Hearts: Must Be Nice (High And Tight)
Max Load: Magazine Sex (Art Punk From The Wrong Side Of The River)

Subtle Turnhips: Digit 3 (Meal)
Sleaze: Because Of You (Tecktonik Girls And Other Hits)
Gutters: Laptop (Tadpole)
Hygiene: Side Zero Model (Going Underground)
Real Numbers: Torn Up (Only Two Can Play)
Raw Prawn: Wrong Place, Wrong Time (RIP Society)
Freshies: We’re Like You (Razz)
Nobunny: Mess Me Up (Love Visions)
Livids: Savage Eyes (Twistworthy)
Black And White: World War III (Episode Sounds)

Straight Arrows: Can’t Stand It (Hozac)
Taco Leg: I Can’t Decide (s/t)
Mean Jeans: School Lunch Victim (Keysone Light And Other Hits)
Phantom Scars: Again And Again (Manglor)
Riots: Brixton (Time For Truth)
Choosers: In My Dream (Bachelor)
Loli & the Chones: Gonna Flip Out (PS We Hate You)
Sulphur Lights: So Fucked Up (Enemies)
Friends Of Dorothy: To Perverted For Sex (Ken Rock)

Prefectur: Want Ads (Rerun)
Critical Mass: Silver Screen (Critical Mass)
Middle Class: Out Of Vogue (Joke)
UV Race: Charlie Sheen (Hozac)
Ills: Yr Ugly Face (Shake!)
Dancer: You Got It Man (Daggerman)
Glitz: She Don’t Listen To Music (It’z Glitz)
Ejectors: Little Johnny (VVV)
Gino & the Goons: _ _ _ Tamed (s/t)
Secret Prostitutes: Fantasi Di Auschwitz (Bat Shit)

Pictures: Kicks And Tips (Total Pop!)
Radio Birdman: Do The Pop (Radios Appear)
Black Lips: I Wanna Dance With You (Hozac)
Deaf Aids: Do It Again (Regional)
Vicitims: Charlie (Sleeping Dogs Lie)
Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Any Day Now (Ready For Boredom)
Spray Paint: Neighborhood Woman (s/t)
Dicks: All Night Fever (Radical)