Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 04/02/13

attacking the beat… download

D.Y. & the Motivations: Hot Rod Ford (Linjo)
Ray Collins Hot Club: African Boogie (High Life)
Achtungs: I Don’t Wanna Talk About It (demo)
Dick & the Deamonds: Whoa Whoa Whoa (Lawn)
Frankie Lee Simms: She Likes To Boogie Real Low (Vin)
Hipbone Slim & the Kneetremblers: Set You On Fire (Sir Bald’s Battle Of The Bands)
Dead Ghosts: Hangin’ In The Alley (Can’t Get No)

Rapid Roy & the Rhythm Rock Trio: Going Crazy (Sleazy)
Dave & Deke Combo: Did Anybody Mention My Name (Hollywood Barn Dance)
Deke Dickerson & the Trashmen: Bop-A-Lena (Major Label)
Richie Derran & the New Tones: Girl And A Hot Rod (Pontiac)
Wire: What Is This Feeling Called Love (1976 Demo)
Devo: I Need A Chick (Hardcore Volume 2)
Nelson Carrera & the Hot Rocks: Crazy Black Cat (Something To Remember)
Bloodshoot Bill: Bounce Baby Bounce (So Blue)
Wayne Hancock: Low Down Blues (Ride)

Ramma Lamma: Gang (Dusty Medical)
Howie & the Hot Knives: Want It (FDH)
Gutters: Work (Tadpole)
Sulphur Lights: Beat You Up (Enemies)
Valley Boys: Side Effects (s/t)
Cheap Time: Another Time (Wallpaper Music)
Nubs: Little Billy’s Burning (Businessman)
Urinals: Go Away Girl (Happy Squid)
Gino & the Goons: Orange Grove (s/t)

Sleaze: Conor Start (s/t)
Ills: Total Dick (Shake!)
Hugh Beaumont Experience: In The Name Of Industry (Virgin Killers)
Nylon: She’s Gonna Get Away (Ride On Rock And Roll)
Livids: Some Of Us Have Adrenalized Hearts (Oops Baby)
UV Race: Nuclear Family (Racism)
Ice 9: 27.3 (Cool)
Predator: Television (s/t)
Chosen Few: (Do The Manic) To Kill Or Maim, Honey (The Jokes On Us)
Warm Jets: Go Go With Me (Wanna Start A War)

Sector Zero: Hiding In My Car (Goner)
Crazy Squeeze: Nasty (s/t)
Cum Stain: Sippy Cup (Wedding Dress)
Pussy Dogs: You Can Stay Over At My House Tonight (Ain’t Nothin’ But A Pussy Dog)
FU2: Mean Evil Child (s/t)
Wild Billy Childish & the MBE’s: Snack Crack (Punk Rock At The British Legion Hall)
Squares: Hot Rod Hearse (Teenage Surf Madness)
Lovesores: Fast Friends (One Chord Pregresson)
Piss Test: Necrophilia (It’s Halal) (Jonny Cat)

Head: Magic 8-Ball (Steve Priest Fan Club/ChiFuc)
Boys: I Don’t Care (s/t)
Rezillos: I Can’t Stand My Baby (Sensible)
Victims: Behind The Times (Plan 9)
Dogs: Terminals State (Different)
Suicide Commandos: Shock Appeal/Attacking The Beat (Make A Record)
Afrika Korps: Juvenile Delinquent (Music To Kill By)
Real Kids: No Place Fast (No Place Fast)