Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/26/13

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Frank Gonzales & the Palisades: Sweet Surfin’ Little Girl (F-G)
Sherwoods: Tickler (Exeter)
Bobby Fuller: Say Honey (Black Out)
Wise Guyz: Jumpin’ Record (Stay Cool!)
Screamin’ Joe Neal: Tell Me Pretty Baby (Shippings)
Jay Nelson & his Jumpers: Raise Some San (Hollywwood)
Lord Luther: Thinkin’ Man’s Girl (Frantic)

Bloodshot Bill: I Saw Her First (Squoodge)
100 Flowers: I Don’t Own My Own Heart (s/t)
Tunes: Too Proud (Tunes)
Dead Ghosts: Can’t Get No (Can’t Get No)
Sulphur Lights: Teenage Boredom (Enemies)
Gutters: Cesium 137 (Tadpole)
Baldie & the Barrel Scrapers: Barrel Of Fun (Battle Of The Bands)
Nate Gibson w/the Hi-Fly Rangers: Too Much Water (Shadow My Baby)
King Salami & the Cumberland Three: Betti Moretti (Cookin’ Up A Party)

Dial Tones: Chicago Bird (Lawn)
Del Aires: Just Wiglin’ n’ Wobblin’ (Zombie Stomp)
Cramps: Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs (Flame Job)
Hugh Beaumont Experience: I’m Shrinking (Virgin Killers)
Bureaucrats: Grown Up Age (VIP/Ugly Pop)
Gino & the Goons: Gotta Getaway (s/t)
Legendary Wings: Best Friend (Pelican Pow Wow)
Livids: Nerve Wrecked (Oops Baby)
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: Worthless DNA (demo)

Victims: Horror Smash (Sleeping Dogs Lie)
The Go: Don’t Take Her Away (Titlewave)
Lovesores: Chinese Twist (Bubblegum Riot)
Mean Jeans: Midlife Mohawk (Kystone Light And Other Hits)
New Sufsiders: Never Learned Not To Love You (Norton)
Pop Rivets: Hang Loose Mongoose (MT Sounds From Anarchy Ranch)
No Bails: Werther’s Original (Orgone Toilet)
Tutu & the Pirates: I Wanna Be A Janitor (Sub Urban Rock For The Anti/Lectual)
Head: Retarded (The Monkeys)

Total Control: Total Control (Aarght!)
Shirks: Nakitomi Liz (s/t)
Crazy Squeeze: Crazy Squeeze (s/t)
Cain!: Sex, Love And Threesomes (Cum In Your Heart)
Manateees: Neat Freak (Pelican Pow Wow)
Shrills: Morgana (Meltdown)
Surfin’ Birds: The Bird Stroll (Ambassador)

Raw Nerves: Sleep For Days (s/t)
Pointed Sticks: Somebody’s Mom (Quintessence/Ugly Pop)
Swell Maps: Vertical Slum (A Trip To Marineville)
Spray Paint: Down To Party (s/t)
Taco Leg: Across The Park (s/t)
Peach Kelli Pop: Original Sin (s/t)
Predator: Pressure (s/t)
Outdoorsmen: Pornographic Stockpiles (Total Punk)
Rip Offs: Leave You Cold (Wallabies)
True Sons Of Thunder: Black Astrologers (Goner)