Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/19/13

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Gutters: Tonight We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 1939 (It’s 1984)
Hugh Beaumont Experience: I Wanna Be Used (Virgin Killers)
Vic Gallon: I’m Gone (Desperate Rock And Roll)
Bob Calloway & the Spiro Hepcats: Tick Tock (Big Red)
Bourbon Scum: Rumble (Carlton)
Milkshakes: Time’s Against You (Still Talkin’ About…)
Esquerita: Katie Mae (Capitol)
Gino & the Goons: Where Wolf? (s/t)

Livids: She Likes Zits (Twistworthy)
Brainiacs: Don’t Tell Me Why (Mental Health)
Jittery Jack: I Can’t Dance (Gone Plumb Crazy!)
Jimmy Luke & the C-Riffs: Hong Kong Twitch (Kris)
Los Sonambulos: La Fiesta Esta Ambiente (Musari)
Crazy Squeeze: Boys Are Gonna Be Here Soon (s/t)
Bloodshot Bill: Travelin’ Guitars (Squoodge)
Flour Slicks: Linda (Four On The Floor)
Wolf Pack: The Baddest Wolf (Incredible)

Primitive Idols: My Baby Ain’t No Square (no label)
Raw Nerves: Black Times (s/t)
Urinals: I’m White And Middle Class (Happy Squid)
Skinnies: Out Of Order (Lectric Eye)
Spectors: That Girl Is Leaving Town (Beat Is Murder)
Hank Wood & the Hammerheads: Trouble (Go Home)
Armitage Shanks w/Kyra Rubella: Love In A Void (Damaged Goods)
Games: Take A Dare (s/t)
Porcharitas: Sometimes (Vertical House)
Preachers: Who Do You Love (Moonglow)

Shirks: 9:30 Dicks (s/t)
OBN III’s: CCTV (s/t)
Manateees: Treehouse (Goner)
Beez: Do The Suicide (Edible)
Zodiac Killers: Kamikaze Attack (Have A Blast)
Barreracudas: Nasty Boots (Windian)
Valley Boys: Feeding Time (s/t)
Taco Leg: Hot One (s/t)
Lovesores: Theme Of The Lovesores (s/t)

Divorced: Nothing To Do (Separation Anxiety)
Toy Love: Fast Ostrich (s/t)
Toyotas: Tainted Love (For Sale)
Teengenerate: Television Addict (Dog Meat)
Makers: Are You On The Inside Or The Outside Of Your Pants (Psychopathia Sexulais)
Boys Boys: Control Tower (Pass)
Jam: A-Bomb In Wardour Street (All Mods Con)
Pop Rivets: Skip Off School (Fun In The UK)
Predator: Skate Slime (s/t)

Gutters: Should We Make A 7” (Tadpole)
Steve & the Jerks: Hate To Hate You (Leader Of The Jerks)
White Trainers Community: Face To Face (The Long Play)
Cain!: Affair In Havana (Cum In Your Heart)
Ex Con: Cuda ’82 (Bon Voyage)
No Fuck Bebe: Amour Difficile (s/t)
Spray Paint: Possible Lungs (s/t)
Paper Bags: Mommi, I’m A Misfit (Rapid Pulse)
Replacements: Everything’s Coming Up Roses (Songs For Slim)