Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/26/13

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Frank Gonzales & the Palisades: Sweet Surfin’ Little Girl (F-G)
Sherwoods: Tickler (Exeter)
Bobby Fuller: Say Honey (Black Out)
Wise Guyz: Jumpin’ Record (Stay Cool!)
Screamin’ Joe Neal: Tell Me Pretty Baby (Shippings)
Jay Nelson & his Jumpers: Raise Some San (Hollywwood)
Lord Luther: Thinkin’ Man’s Girl (Frantic)

Bloodshot Bill: I Saw Her First (Squoodge)
100 Flowers: I Don’t Own My Own Heart (s/t)
Tunes: Too Proud (Tunes)
Dead Ghosts: Can’t Get No (Can’t Get No)
Sulphur Lights: Teenage Boredom (Enemies)
Gutters: Cesium 137 (Tadpole)
Baldie & the Barrel Scrapers: Barrel Of Fun (Battle Of The Bands)
Nate Gibson w/the Hi-Fly Rangers: Too Much Water (Shadow My Baby)
King Salami & the Cumberland Three: Betti Moretti (Cookin’ Up A Party)

Dial Tones: Chicago Bird (Lawn)
Del Aires: Just Wiglin’ n’ Wobblin’ (Zombie Stomp)
Cramps: Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs (Flame Job)
Hugh Beaumont Experience: I’m Shrinking (Virgin Killers)
Bureaucrats: Grown Up Age (VIP/Ugly Pop)
Gino & the Goons: Gotta Getaway (s/t)
Legendary Wings: Best Friend (Pelican Pow Wow)
Livids: Nerve Wrecked (Oops Baby)
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: Worthless DNA (demo)

Victims: Horror Smash (Sleeping Dogs Lie)
The Go: Don’t Take Her Away (Titlewave)
Lovesores: Chinese Twist (Bubblegum Riot)
Mean Jeans: Midlife Mohawk (Kystone Light And Other Hits)
New Sufsiders: Never Learned Not To Love You (Norton)
Pop Rivets: Hang Loose Mongoose (MT Sounds From Anarchy Ranch)
No Bails: Werther’s Original (Orgone Toilet)
Tutu & the Pirates: I Wanna Be A Janitor (Sub Urban Rock For The Anti/Lectual)
Head: Retarded (The Monkeys)

Total Control: Total Control (Aarght!)
Shirks: Nakitomi Liz (s/t)
Crazy Squeeze: Crazy Squeeze (s/t)
Cain!: Sex, Love And Threesomes (Cum In Your Heart)
Manateees: Neat Freak (Pelican Pow Wow)
Shrills: Morgana (Meltdown)
Surfin’ Birds: The Bird Stroll (Ambassador)

Raw Nerves: Sleep For Days (s/t)
Pointed Sticks: Somebody’s Mom (Quintessence/Ugly Pop)
Swell Maps: Vertical Slum (A Trip To Marineville)
Spray Paint: Down To Party (s/t)
Taco Leg: Across The Park (s/t)
Peach Kelli Pop: Original Sin (s/t)
Predator: Pressure (s/t)
Outdoorsmen: Pornographic Stockpiles (Total Punk)
Rip Offs: Leave You Cold (Wallabies)
True Sons Of Thunder: Black Astrologers (Goner)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/19/13

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Gutters: Tonight We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 1939 (It’s 1984)
Hugh Beaumont Experience: I Wanna Be Used (Virgin Killers)
Vic Gallon: I’m Gone (Desperate Rock And Roll)
Bob Calloway & the Spiro Hepcats: Tick Tock (Big Red)
Bourbon Scum: Rumble (Carlton)
Milkshakes: Time’s Against You (Still Talkin’ About…)
Esquerita: Katie Mae (Capitol)
Gino & the Goons: Where Wolf? (s/t)

Livids: She Likes Zits (Twistworthy)
Brainiacs: Don’t Tell Me Why (Mental Health)
Jittery Jack: I Can’t Dance (Gone Plumb Crazy!)
Jimmy Luke & the C-Riffs: Hong Kong Twitch (Kris)
Los Sonambulos: La Fiesta Esta Ambiente (Musari)
Crazy Squeeze: Boys Are Gonna Be Here Soon (s/t)
Bloodshot Bill: Travelin’ Guitars (Squoodge)
Flour Slicks: Linda (Four On The Floor)
Wolf Pack: The Baddest Wolf (Incredible)

Primitive Idols: My Baby Ain’t No Square (no label)
Raw Nerves: Black Times (s/t)
Urinals: I’m White And Middle Class (Happy Squid)
Skinnies: Out Of Order (Lectric Eye)
Spectors: That Girl Is Leaving Town (Beat Is Murder)
Hank Wood & the Hammerheads: Trouble (Go Home)
Armitage Shanks w/Kyra Rubella: Love In A Void (Damaged Goods)
Games: Take A Dare (s/t)
Porcharitas: Sometimes (Vertical House)
Preachers: Who Do You Love (Moonglow)

Shirks: 9:30 Dicks (s/t)
OBN III’s: CCTV (s/t)
Manateees: Treehouse (Goner)
Beez: Do The Suicide (Edible)
Zodiac Killers: Kamikaze Attack (Have A Blast)
Barreracudas: Nasty Boots (Windian)
Valley Boys: Feeding Time (s/t)
Taco Leg: Hot One (s/t)
Lovesores: Theme Of The Lovesores (s/t)

Divorced: Nothing To Do (Separation Anxiety)
Toy Love: Fast Ostrich (s/t)
Toyotas: Tainted Love (For Sale)
Teengenerate: Television Addict (Dog Meat)
Makers: Are You On The Inside Or The Outside Of Your Pants (Psychopathia Sexulais)
Boys Boys: Control Tower (Pass)
Jam: A-Bomb In Wardour Street (All Mods Con)
Pop Rivets: Skip Off School (Fun In The UK)
Predator: Skate Slime (s/t)

Gutters: Should We Make A 7” (Tadpole)
Steve & the Jerks: Hate To Hate You (Leader Of The Jerks)
White Trainers Community: Face To Face (The Long Play)
Cain!: Affair In Havana (Cum In Your Heart)
Ex Con: Cuda ’82 (Bon Voyage)
No Fuck Bebe: Amour Difficile (s/t)
Spray Paint: Possible Lungs (s/t)
Paper Bags: Mommi, I’m A Misfit (Rapid Pulse)
Replacements: Everything’s Coming Up Roses (Songs For Slim)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/12/13

bubblegum riot… download

Five Sparks: Little Bo Peep (Jimbo)
Herman Willis: Come On (B&C)
Bloodshot Bill: The Message (Squoodge)
los Silver Rockets: Senorita Dizzy Lizzy (Ideal)
Brainiacs: Take Me To Paris (Mental Health)
Raw Nerves: How We Love (s/t)
Hemingers: Do Tha Diggy (Bachelor)
Crazy Squeeze: Sexual Activity Girls (s/t)

Del Aires: Berserk (Zombie Stomp)
Surfin’ Birds: Shockwave (Ambassador)
RAS: Jag Vill Se Dig Do (Yellow)
Buddy Sharpe & the Shakers: You Got Me Movin’ And Groovin’ (Spear)
King Salami & the Cumberland Three: Trubble Trubble (Cookin’ Up A Party)
Nobunny: Tina Goes To Work (Love Visions)
CC Riders: This Pussy’s Gotta Give (s/t)
Kegstands: Cara-Lin (Nau)
Replacements: Lost Highway (Songs For Slim)

Barreracudas: 7th Time Around (Windian)
Livids: Midnight Stains (Bachelor)
Predator: Wheel Of Misfortune (s/t)
Wild Thing: You’re A Punk (Clown  College)
Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Devotion (Ready For Boredom)
Animal Jack: Gotta Hear The Beat (4 Star)
Ginoo & the Goons: Repeat It/Get On Down (s/t)
Hank Wood & the Hammerheads: I Don’t See Nothin’ (Go Home)

Cum Stain: Sit And Twist (Bad Paintings)
Ana Lucia: Gimme You (s/t)
No Fuck Bebe: Lili (s/t)
Shirks: Dirty Teen Wolf (s/t)
Rip Offs: baby Let Go (Got A Record)
Sector Zero: Guitar Attack (Goner)
Tamrons: Wild Man (Pyramid)
Nomads: Be Nice (Spotlight)

Lovesores: Bubblegum Riot (s/t)
Ooga Boogas: FYI (s/t)
White Trainers Community: So Mad About You (Fusion)
Shoes: Capitol Gain (Black Vinyl Shoes)
Useless Eaters: Life On A Grid (Hypertension)
Ice 9: Out Out Out (Cool)

Bureaucrats: Feel The Pain (VIP)
Holy Cobras: Sun Inside Revisited (Make Pyramids)
Cain!: Remote Control (Cum In Your Heart)
Glitz: Paranoia (It’z Glitz)
Gary with a circle around the A: Used Cars (demo)
Spray Paint: Funeral Upskirts (s/t)
Cops: Iron Man (demo)
Taco Leg: Shut It Down (s/t)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/05/13

losing my cool... download

Teen Tones: Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You (Decca)
Billy ‘the Kid’ Emmerson: I Never Get Enough (Mad)
Surfin’ Birds: I’m An Elvis Man (Ambassador)
Treble Tones: Treble Rock (B-Atlas)
Bloodshot Bill: You’re No Good (So Blue)
Gino & the Goons: _ _ _ Tamed (s/t)
Janey & the Ravemen: He’s Gonna Two Time You (Stay Away From Boys)
Choosers: Hamging Up On You (Bachelor)

CC Riders: Monkey’s Uncle (s/t)
Kegstands: Something’s Got A Hold On Me (Nau)
New Surfsiders: Smile Medley (Norton)
Beat Seeking Missiles: See You More (Sir Bald’s Battle Of The Bands)
Shambles: Hello Baby (RCA Victor)
Barreracudas: Nasty Boots (Windian)
Crazy Squeeze: Outta My Mind (s/t)

Predator: You (s/t)
Taco Leg: Find Me (s/t)
Manateees: Cat Food (Goner)
Shirks: Sex Gear (s/t)
No Bails: My NES Is Fucking With Me (Epyx Shredder)
Onions: Karmic Vengeance Rock And Roll (I Am The Amazing Onions $2 Demo)
Bayonettes: Guilty Pleasure (Deranged)
Sector Zero: Hiding In My Car (Goner)
Dead Ghosts: I Sleep Alone (Randy)

Head: Taking A Peek (Street Level Assault)
Lovesores: Flamethrower Chic (s/t)
Wymyns Prysyn: Pay Day (Scavenger Of Death)
Useless Eaters: Addicted To The Blade (Hypertension)
Fe Fi Fi Fums: Fuck New Wave (Shake All Night)
Riots: Truncheons, Shields Ans Size 10 Boots dub (Copase)
True Sons Of Thunder: I Can See But You Don’t Know (Goner)

Spray Paint: Canadian Trash (s/t)
Raw Prawn: Stitched Me Up (RIP Society)
Nylon: Surf Beat (Ride On Rock And Roll)
Deke Dickerson & the Trashmen: Torture (Major Label)
Hank Wood & the Hammerheads: Don’t Look At Me (Go Home)
Bad News: Siffin’ Some Glue (s/t)
Action Swingers: Losing My Cool (Total Punk)
Gentleman Jesse: Fence Yourself In (Land of Nod)
Ooga Boogas: Archie n’ Me (s/t)

Teenanger: Girls For Days, Legs For Miles (s/t)
Static Eyes: Waves (Windian)
Uh Bones: Bait (Randy)
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: I’m A Disaster (demo)
Black Time: More Pricks Than Kicks (demo)
Cane!: Boring Youth (Cum In Your Heart)
Paint Fumes: 999 (Uck Life)
Arch Hall Jr. & the Archers: Theme from the Wild  Guitar (The Wild Guitar)