Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 02/05/13

wrong place, wrong time… download

Jimmy Cavallo & his House Rockers: Rock The Joint (BSD)
Bill Haley & Haley’s Comets: Straight Jacket (Essex)
King Salami & the Cumberland Three: The Dilly Bop (Cookin’ Up A Party)
Quailbones: Antler Chandelier (Ghost Orchard)
Don Orr & the Original Rockets: Sarah Jane (El Paso Rock vol. 5)
Future Primitives: Love At Psychedelic Velocity (Songs We Taught Ourselves)
Intellectuals: Right Side Of My Mind (Black Domania Now!)
Fallen Angels: Up On The Mountain (Tollie)

Knights Of The Round Table: The Knight In Shining Armor (Chattahoochee)
Bollywood Argyles: Ali Oop (Norton)
Jittery Jack: Won’t Ya Don’t Ya (Gone Plum Crazy!)
Nate Gibson: How Come You Do Me Like You Do (Go! Go! Go!)
Little Junior’s Blue Flames: Love My Baby (Sun)
Sleaze: Tektronix Girls (Total Punk)
Deaf Aids: Bored Christine (Conspiracy)

Useless Eaters: New Program (Hypertension)
Night People: The Troubled Streets (Outlaw)
Janey & the Ravemen: Stay Away From Boys (Stay Away From Boys)
Four Slicks: Baby Come On (Four On The Floor)
Wild Youth: Wild Girl (A Leopard Never Changes Her Spots)
No Bails: Don’t Even Try (Epyx Shredder)
Raw Prawn: Wrong Place, Wrong Time (RIP Society)
White Trainers Community: Watching TV (The Long Play)

Del Aires: Zombie Stomp (Zombie Stomp)
Mummies: The Ballad Of Iron Eyes Cody (Never Been Caught)
Legs: Bite Your Lip (Hipbone Slim vs. Sir Bald)
Peach Kelli Pop: ABC (s/t)
Wet Nurse: Heart Attack (Daily Whatever)
Outdoorsmen: She Wants To Go Steady (Psychic Handshake)
Creteens: I Don’t Wanna Be Educated (Florida’s Dying)
Eroders: Don’t Care (s/t)
Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Devotion (Ready For Boredom)

Suzannes: Deepfreeze Boy (De 1000 Idioten)
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: Nazi Nine Eleven (demo)
Kids: Baby, That’s Alright/Fascist Cops (s/t)
RAS: Ingenting Ar Bra (Blue)
Mighty Fevers: Sick On You (Fuck’in Great RnR)
Ex Con: Cuda 82 (Bon Voyage)
Panic: Baby Please (13)
Onions: Garbage Party (s/t)
Heavy Times: I’m Single (Hozac)

Nobunny: Chuck Berry Holiday (Love Visions)
Manateees: Neat Freak (Pelican Pow Wow)
Protokids: What Did I Expect (Push My Buttons)
Pointed Sticks: Nothing Else To Do (Part Of The Noise)
Black & Whites: Fucked Up Heart (Shattered)
Flip-Tops: Customer Service (…Are Still A Band)
Home Blitz: In Every Window (Frozen Track)