Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 01/22/13

I'm a disaster... download

Darryl Vincent & the Flames: Wild, Wild Party (Sandy)
Rock Rogers: That Ain’t It (Starday)
Al Foul: When I’m Bombed (demo)
Countdowns: Do It (Anderson Records Inc.)
Styng Rites: Baby’s Got A Brand New Brain (Snaffle)
Four Slicks: I Don’t Need You No More (Four On The Floor)
Kaisers: Don’t Ask Me (Bedrock)
White Trainers Community: Dance (The Long Play)

Al Willis & his New Swingsters: Sock Beat Bop (Crazy Times)
Outcasts: Let’s Do The Ubangi Stomp (Battle Of Rat Fink Hill)
Yochanan: Muck Muck (Saturn)
Blue Cats: Turn My Back On You (Best Dawn Yet)
Buddy Holly: I’m Gonna Set my Foot Down (Reminiscing)
Nightmare Boyzzz: Batman (Happenin’)
Barreracudas: 7th Time Around (Windian)
Headcoatees: Ballad Of The Insolent Pup (Ballad Of The Insolent Pup)

No Bails: P.R.N. (Epyx Shredder)
Seculars: The Rolik/Social Skills (360 Twist)
Future Primitives: Tell Me Where’s That Girl (Songs We Taught Ourselves)
Pussy Dogs: I’ve Got A Steady Date (Ain’t Nothin’ But A Pussy Dog)
Mighty Fevers: Radio Burn (Fuck’in Great R’n’R)
Peach Kelli Pop: Scorpio (s/t)
Primitive Idols: All The Action (no label)
Dancer: On The Run (Daggerman)

Buck Biloxi & the Fucks: I’m A Disaster (demo)
Sunburns: Dumb Girls (Smells Like Fun)
Manateees: Under The Gun (Pelican Pow Wow)
Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Sally (Ready For Boredom)
Shoes: I Don’t Want To Hear It (Present Tense)
Ana Lucia: Mad Man (s/t)
People’s Temple: Looter’s Game (More For The Masses)
Fink Muncx 4: Coffee, Tea Or Me (Prism)
Night People: We Got It (Del-Nita)

Jam: Art School (In The City)
Finders: Sweet Little User (Finders Keepers)
RAS: Karlek (Blue)
Bum: Don’t Come To Close To Me (Lance Rock)
Cane!: Boring Youth (Cum In Your Heart)
Kyra Rubella: Ego Maniac (Here I Am, I Always Am)
Marauders: I Can Tell (Coulee)
Reasons Why: Don’t Be That Way (Sound Track)

Scientists: It’s For Real (White Rider)
Saints: Demolition Girl (Harvest)
Zeros: Don’t Push Me Around (Bomp!)
Ty Segall & Seth Sutton: I Hate The Kids (Nasshville’s Dead)
Eastern Dark: Johnny And Dee Dee (Waterfront)
Ex-Cult: Future Victims (s/t)