Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rock And Roll Dance Party 01/15/13

ready for boredom... download

Don Love & the Heartbeats: Panic In The Power Plant (Fern Creek)
Al Willis & the New Swingsters: Rock-A-Bye Baby Rock (Crazy Times)
Sixteen & the Sidewinders: Lightning Don’t Strike Twice (demo)
Jason ‘Hoss’ Hicks: It’s Not Right (Wild Hare)
Bloodshot Bill So Blue (So Blue)
Nate Gibson: Evenin’ Time (Go! Go! Go!)
Rockers: Don’t Leave Me Tonight (Alcatraz)
Mark Sultan: Git It (Every Night Is A Saturday Night)

Bunny & Skitter: Rock With Me Baby (Worldisc)
Charm Kings: Boss Lookin’ Baby (Jamaican Doo Wop)
Corvairs w/Stith Twins & Langdon Twins: Black Diamonds (Twin)
Tennessee Boys: Blue Heated Fool (Wormtone)
Dykmann Family: Side Street Love (demo)
Heartbreakers: I Wanna Be Loved (L.A.M.F.)
Maggots: Let’s Get Let’s Get Tammy Wynette (Wormusik)
Wanda Jackson: Funnel Of Love (Capitol)

Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys: Loneliness (Ready For Boredom)
Kelly Bundys: Hot Box Honda (no label)
Outcasts Four: She Gives Me Love (Kimco)
Roamin’ Togas: Bar The Door (Lightinning)
Styng Rites: Night Cruising (Night Cruising)
New Piccadillys: Baby Jean (s/t)
Finders: Calling Dr. Howard (Finders Keepers)
Wild Weekend: Baby You’re A Leech (demo)

Mighty Fevers: Black Leather No.1 (Fuck’in Great R’N’R)
Raw Prawn: Non Left (RIP Society)
Devil Dogs: Ball Me Out (s/t)
Orphans: Oh Baby (Exposed)
Nazi Death Camp: Mongoloid Rock (Red Lounge)
Golden Pelicans: Chained To The Dumpster (Total Punk?)
Onions: Feel Real Stupid (s/t)
Quango: Fatality (demo)

Buzzcocks: You Tear Me Up (Time’s Up)
Four Slicks: Brand New Chevy (Four On The Floor)
Toy Love: Lust (s/t)
Manateees: Stupifier (Pelican Pow Wow)
Cuntz: Yum Yum Yum (Aloha)
Crushed Butler: Factory Grime (Uncrushed)
Weakends: Wild Type (s/t)
Gaggers: Make A Mess Outta You (Blame You)

Mascara Nites: Wish List (s/t)
Midnite Snaxxx: Goin’ To The Zoo (s/t)
Pussy Dogs: I’ve Been Down (no label)
Losin’ Streaks: Leaving Here (Sounds Of Violence)
Black Time: No Expectations (demo)
OBN III’s: Self-Hate (s/t)
White Load: Note Note Note Note (Wayne’s World 3/Godfather 4)